Kashmir Belongs To Kashmiris: Prof Bhat

10 May 2015
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference today convened its annual session here in north Kashmir. The session was convened by Muslim Conference Chairman and Hurriyat (M) Executive Council member, Prof Adbul Gani Bhat, a MC spokesman said. He said Muslim Conference, constituent of Hurriyat Conference (M), had extended special invitation to Hurriyat (M) Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq to attend the seminar. However, the government placed Mirwaiz under house arrest and prevented him from attending the seminar. During his address to the session Prof Bhat said that Kashmir issue was a stark reality and both nuclear armed nations India and Pakistan were spending huge money on defence due to the lingering Kashmir dispute. He said despite Tashkent, Shimla and Lahore agreements which call for the resolution of Kashmir issue, New Delhi has remained shown its intransigence and arrogance. Stressing that Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris, Bhat said the Kashmir movement was not only with a historical background, but it has also got etched in the consciousness of Kashmiris. He said that Kashmir's future was in danger, so was in danger the political future of India as well as Pakistan, adding, both the nations could avoid the dangers facing them due to the lingering Kashmir dispute by addressing the issue seriously and sincerely. Senior Hurriyat leader said the confrontation and tension between the two nuclear armed nations due to Kashmir dispute can stoke fire to the whole South Asian region. He said when Hurriyat talks of Kashmir dispute it means it also talks about the security and safety of two hundred million people of South Asia. In his telephonic address to the seminar from his residence, Hurriyat (M) Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said the state government has shelved democratic values and imposed continuously restrictions on the non violent political activities of Hurriyat. He said such dictatorial acts under the garb of democracy has also deflated the much hyped claims of state government that it would give political space to the pro-freedom leaders to fight the battle of ideas. He cautioned people of J&K that under the influence and pressure of communal parties of India, the state government was pursuing the anti-people polices so as to weaken the movement and Islamic identity of Kashmiris. He said the stand of Hurriyat on Kashmir was clear that it should be solved by allowing people to decide their fate. Senior Hurriyat leaders including Mukhtar Ahmad Waza, Musadiq Adil, Engineer Hilal Ahmad War, GN Najar, Abdul Manan Bukhari, GN Zaki, GN Var, Muzaffar Rizvi, Jaffer Kashmiri and others were also present on the occasion. Meanwhile Hurriyat (M) spokesman has strongly condemned the repeated house arrest of Huuriyat (M) Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq saying such pressure tactics would not weaken the determination and spirit of the people committed to the movement.