Beg Says Alliance With BJP Was 'the Only Option'

13 May 2015
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Peoples Democratic Party's chief spokesman DrMehboob Beg Wednesday said the fractured mandate thrown by last year's assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir left the party with 'the lone option' of going with the Bharatiya Janata Party. In an interview with Greater Kashmir, Beg-the former senior National Conference leader who associated himself with PDP later-said the PDP patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed was left with no option than to forge alliance with the BJP. 'I believe the grand alliance offer of Congress leader GhulamNabi Azad and NC's support offer to PDP was childish,' he said. 'Mufti took lot of time only to ensure that his party's ideology is not sacrificed. Negotiations continued for two months which is not a joke. I believe the 'Agenda of Alliance' revolves around developmental issues. There is no surrender of PDP's political ideology and that's one of the reasons I am in PDP today.' On his statement before the polls that 'Mufti only can manage to stop BJP and RSS march to J&K', Beg said the 'hung mandate created a situation where PDP had to form the government without sacrificing its ideology.' 'I reiterate that PDP hasn't surrendered its basic ideology. We didn't get what we were eyeing. Mufti has worked out an agenda for governance, not politics,' he said, in a guarded reply. 'BJP had emerged as a single largest party in Jammu region and you can't ignore peoples' verdict. NC and Congress had no representation in Jammu and Ladakh regions. In Kashmir, these parties faced a rout as well. Look at their numbers.' ON NC Asked why he deserted National Conference, Beg said: 'Mufti Sayeed's decision of not surrendering the party's ideology to BJP prompted me to join PDP formally. PDP has reposed big trust in me for which I will leave no stone unturned to deliver to its expectations.' ON BJP Asked whether BJP was a threat to Kashmir given the inroads the party claims to have made in the Valley-especially in old Srinagar-Beg said PDP is also trying to win hearts of people of Jammu and Ladakh. 'It is up to the people to choose which party suits them,' he said. Asked who is best among Mufti and NC patron Dr Farooq Abdullah as Chief Minister, Beg said the Chief Minister Mufti 'is a sensitive person.' 'This is what I didn't find where I was,' he said, without naming Farooq Abdullah, the former Chief Minister and NC patron. Beg said Omar didn't fulfill promises he made to him regarding Anantnag constituency he represented earlier. 'See the minutes of board meetings held in last six years and then implementation of decisions taken therein. One-sided loyalty and love won't work. You need to reciprocate it,' he said. 'Apart from this, I was not treated the way I should have been in the party. I gave many years to NC and I got nothing in return. I was self-styled spokesman of NC, which doesn't suit a senior leader.' Asked about his previous remarks against Mufti including the one that he (Mufti) was 'responsible for imposing AFSPA in J&K and killing of many people in various massacres', Beg said: 'You can't hold leaders responsible. It's the situation that leads to killings. You have 2010 also in mind; it was the situation that led to killing of youth. Leaders can't be blamed, this is what I believe.' To a query whether he lobbied for the post of PDP's Chief Spokesman, he said the decision came to him as a surprise. 'I was watching how the party would deal with me. And I felt privileged after I was asked to take the responsibility of the party as its Chief Spokesman. Now it's my turn to return by delivering on all fronts,' he said. 'My first priority as the PDP spokesman would be to correct the self-styled national television channel anchors and Kashmir experts. They are running a negative campaign. See how they projected the event in which a Pakistani flag was waved. They showed it in a way as if entire population of Kashmir is Pakistani.' Asked whether he intends to get a Ministerial berth or an entry into the State Legislature, Beg said it was for the PDP high command to take a call on it.