No More Rhetoric: Tarigami To Mufti

16 May 2015
Kashmir Life

Srinagar: CPI (M) leader and MLA Kulgam, M Y Tarigami Saturday said the assertion of Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed that the ties between PDP and BJP are in no way weak and are rather as strong as steel, is essentially deceptive in nature. 'It cannot however, mislead even a naive. It can rather further expose the PDP,' Tarigami said in a statement toKNS while reacting to Mufti's statement published in some Srinagar dailies regarding the coalition between BJP and PDP. He expressed surprise at the latest assertion of Chief Minister regarding the BJP- PDP ties. 'At the outset, Chief Minister described the coalition as a compulsion and made it clear that he will in no way compromise with his political ideology, which he claims is based on; self rule (something more than internal autonomy), financial autonomy, return of centre owned power projects to the state ; reviving of Indo-Pak dialogue on Kashmir; framing a joint legislature of the divided state and repealing of AFSPA. Since BJP did not agree even to the withdrawal of AFSPA, PDP played the developmental and rehabilitation card.PDP made the Kashmiri people believe that by aligning with BJP the state govt. will receive unlimited funds which would be used for the rehabilitation of flood victims, general re construction and massive development of the state,' he said. 'Now that the state has not received even normal funds sofar and not a straw could be removed in the name of rehabilitation; what is the justification of this unprincipled alliance?' Tarigami asked and said that even the release of one political prisoner was undone at the behest of BJP. 'The two parties could not also agree on the mode of the rehabilitation of Kashmiri migrants. If this is the situation on the ground; what makes the coalition deep, STRONG AND BASED ON PRINCIPALS. Where is the COMMON GROUND?' He asked. 'Chief Minister instead of selling dreams and defending, what cannot be defended should concentrate on governance. He should try to rehabilitate the flood victims, release the salaries of employees, speed up the process of recruitment, address the issues of farmers and fruit growers and root out corruption from the administration if he can.'