BJP Leaders Scurry For Cover After Armed Cop Chases A Neta In The Meeting

20 May 2015

Srinagar: An armed personal security officer (PSO) of a top state BJP leader ran amok in a party meeting when he allegedly tried to fire at media in-charge of the party, Altaf Thakur, who objected to his presence inside the meeting hall in Srinagar on Wednesday. Hell broke loose when the BJP leaders present at the venue scurried for cover to escape the possible shootout at a local hotel when the closed- door meeting was being organised to discuss some important issues. The incident occurred when Thakur was seeing off Rajya Sabha MP Shamsheer Singh Manhas after attending the meeting at a local hotel here. An armed PSO of another BJP leader from central Kashmir cocked his gun and rushed towards Thakur in an apparent bid to open fire. 'There were 20 leaders in the compound when he rushed in with gun in his hand. Some of the leaders took cover behind trees to escape. But some pushed me inside a room to save me,' Thakur told dna. The provocation for the PSO, who had been posted by Jammu and Kashmir Police for the security of BJP leader from central Kashmir, was the objection raised by Thakur to his presence in the closed-door meeting on Tuesday. 'The two-day meeting started on Tuesday. All the security men were asked to leave the hall to allow the leaders to discuss the matters. He too was asked to leave. But apparently he did not like it. So today when he came he charged at me with his gun which he cocked in a bid to fire. But luckily I was saved,' said Thakur. The media in-charge of the party reported the matter to the police higher ups for possible action against the security guard. 'We have the CCTV footage available. I called up higher police officials and informed them about the incident. I have also taken up the issue with the party high command. I am going to lodge the FIR tomorrow,' said Thakur. Seemingly embarrassed by the incident, Jammu and Kashmir Police has put the investigation on the fast track to fix the responsibility. 'We are trying to ascertain the facts of the matter. We shall be in a position to say anything only after we investigate the matter,' said a top police officer requesting anonymity.