Mufti Rigged People's Opinion: Yasin Malik

27 May 2015
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Accusing Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed of rigging people's opinion during the recent Assembly polls, JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik Wednesday said that PDP-BJP government has shrunk the space for political activity in Kashmir. Addressing media persons here, the JKLF chief said, 'It was he (Mufti) who used to assert in his election campaign that vote for PDP will stop the march of RSS and BJP. And then, he rubbed shoulders with the same party. Mufti rigged people's opinion.' He said that space for separatist leadership is getting choked with each passing day. 'JKLF had planned to launch a people-to-people contact from May 25- Safar-e-Jehd-e-Musalsal. However, I was detained on way to Pulwama while other activists of Front met the same fate,' he said. 'Kashmiri nation has a history of 5000 years and the same history bears testimony to the fact that gun played no role till elections were rigged in 1987.' He said the promises about giving people of Kashmir a political space to launch a peaceful struggle have proved hollow. 'The PDP leaders who are in power today, used to beat chests before Assembly elections and raise voices that there is oppression and genuine voices are being muzzled,' Malik said. 'However, Mufti's battle of ideas fell flat and got punctured when our people-to-people contact program was scuttled by the present regime.' He said that during Parliamentary elections, he could visit some areas in South Kashmir to launch election boycott, 'but in Assembly elections curbs were imposed on my movement.' He said soon after the formation of PDP-BJP government, anti-Kashmir issue like settling Kashmiri Pandits in colonies and issuing Permanent Resident Certificates came to fore. 'People took to streets to ensure Pandit settlement in colonies and issuing PRCs is stopped forthwith,' Malik said. 'Now that the government has decided to choke the political space for us, I want to ask the government that is it pushing back the youth of Kashmir to situation again where only gun is the option,' Malik said. He said that government must realize that 'Kashmir movement is not sponsored and it is based on a sentiment.' 'British were wise to understand the sentiment which resulted in providing space to M K Gandhi. Otherwise, there were people like Raj Guru, Chandershekar Azad and Baghat Singh also.' He said the Chief Minister is the same person who used to maintain that 'goli say nahi boli say (not bullets, talks will do).' 'And see today, we are not allowed to meet people. The main motive of Safar-e-Jehd-e-Musalsal was to travel from one village to another to develop a heart to heart contact with people,' he said. The JKLF chief announced Jail Bharo campaign from Friday. 'We will be courting arrests for 10 days from the coming Friday. And if the attitude of government doesn't change, we will choose future course of action.' On Sopore killings, Malik said that there are two guns-State gun and gun that militants carry. 'Since both have condemned the civilian killings in Sopore, I would not suggest the government but urge the UJC chief Syed Salahudin to probe the killings at his own level,' he said. Malik alleged that due to the failure of administration in improving drainage, the government declared floods when drainage water flooded the commercial hub of Srinagar recently due to incessant rains. 'This created panic among the tourists. There is no tourist in Kashmir today and that is because of the fear psychosis created by the present regime that another flood had struck Kashmir,' he said. On Chief Minister's efforts of going to Mumbai to meet bollywood starts to woo them to visit Kashmir, Malik said: 'Mufti is trying to play young Farooq Abdullah. What Farooq Abdullah used to do when he was young, Mufti is trying to do same in his old age.'