Raising Pak Flags Not New, Media Creating Hype Of Issue: Omar

8 June 2015

Srinagar: Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today said raising Pakistani flags in Kashmir Valley was nothing new and it is the media which is creating hype over the issue even as his government wanted to take concrete steps to put a check on such incidents. 'The phenomenon of these flags is nothing new. I have never said that this is something that suddenly started during this government. It certainly happened during my government as well possibly and probably the frequency was less. Raising Pak flags not new: Omar ADVERTISEMENT And also the amount of attention that it got was less,' he said. 'Now why this is happening and how it has to be dealt with is an issue for the state government. My concern is a wider one and that the incidents like these have a very damaging effect on tourism. 'To this moment our tourism industry is in doldrums. So obviously, we want that the government needs to take concrete steps to check this,' the former J&K CM said. The National Conference president said it was the media which was giving much attention to the issue. 'Why is it an issue these days I have to ask you (media). Because please realize that we are asked to react to questions that you pose. It is your channels and your anchors that decide to have one hour long discussions on this issue. It is not us that suo-motto go to your editors and channel people and say that please call us as we want to discuss this issue,' he said. 'The day you stop asking us we will stop commenting. So how much hype you want to give to the raising of Pakistani flags is up to you. The more hype you give, the more you force us to react,' he said.