Rs 3600 Crore 'sufficient' For Rehabilitation Of Jammu Kashmir Flood Victims: Nirmal Singh

8 June 2015
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: The Deputy Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir has said that Rs 3600 crore is 'sufficient' to rebuild the damaged infrastructure in Jammu and Kashmir after the devastating deluge of September last year. Dr Nirmal Singh told a local daily that the government 'can't give 100 percent compensation to everyone'. 'It is not possible anywhere for any government to compensate fully the affected people. Relief and compensation is meant to ensure that the affected person again resumes his or her normal lives (sic),' Singh said in an interview. When asked whether he thought Rs 3600 crore was sufficient for rehabilitation of flood victims, Singh replied: 'As per the government figures, it is sufficient.' Dubbing the Rs 44, 000 crore relief package by previous NC-Congress government as 'just an announcement', he said: 'It was made in air and no ground work was done. It could not be substantiated. The previous NC-Congress government had submitted Rs 44,000 crore figures without doing any ground work. It was just an announcement by them before polls.' Singh said that the BJP-PDP coalition government revised the figures of the losses and that they are 'on lower side'. 'We now only need additional Rs 1500 crores for rehabilitation of flood victims. Out of this amount, central government will be giving us Rs 1000 crores and Rs 500 crores will be borne by the State itself. The central government has already disbursed Rs 2100 crores to J&K government for the flood victims,' he said. Interestingly, the World Bank has put the estimate of losses due to September flood in Jammu and Kashmir at Rs 21,000 crore. Following the publishing of the report, people in Kashmir took to Twitter and rued the assertions of the deputy Chief Minister.