NC Condemns Sopore Attacks, Links It With Parrikar's 'remark'

14 June 2015

Srinagar: Opposition National Conference (NC) today condemned the killings in Sopore and sought to link the spate of terror attacks in the area with Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar's alleged remark about revival of 'Ikhwanis', an outfit of reformed militants in the state. 'Five civilians (so far) have been shot dead in Sopore and the Chief Minister's silence has now become deafening,' NC spokesman Junaid Mattu said here. He accused the PDP of being a 'willing accessory in a devious plan to re-invent Ikhwanis (reformed militants)'. 'PDP is being a willing accessory in a devious plan to re-invent Ikhwanis in the Valley. 'Why has all this started happening only after the Union Defense Minister's (Manohar Parrikar) statement that hinted at a plan to re-invent counter-insurgents in Kashmir?' he asked. He demanded that the Chief Minister 'gather the courage to condemn Parrikar's statement and come out in the open about his role in the plan to re-invent Ikhwanis in Kashmir. 'Are the Chief Minister and his party on board? Their silence certainly says so in loud, unambiguous terms,' the NC spokesman said. The NC spokesman said that PDP had 'surrendered' the honour and dignity of the people of Jammu and Kashmir for the 'singular aim' of making Sayeed the Chief Minister for a full six-year term. ADVERTISING 'No wonder then that Sayeed has become subservient to his Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh who now unofficially heads the Home Ministry in the state. The same people who promised a 'battle of ideas' with the separatists are the ones who are disallowing seminars, arresting participants and silently watching as spectators while one innocent life after another is lost in Sopore.