PDP Leader Advises Party To Rethink Alliance With BJP In J&K

17 June 2015

Srinagar: Senior PDP leader Tariq Hameed Karra today termed the announced relief package for the flood-hit people of J&K as a 'paltry' amount, advising his ruling party to rethink its alliance with the BJP if the Centre continues with the 'same prejudiced approach towards Kashmiris.' He said the 'Agenda of Alliance' between the PDP and the BJP has been just confined to paper and right from the day one there has been no consonance between the functioning of the coalition government. 'If the Government of India continues with same prejudiced approach towards Kashmir, PDP should rethink on its relation with the BJP as continuation in the coalition seems to be doing more damage to both Kashmiris and the party,' Karra said in a statement here. 'Be it return of power projects from NHPC, allocation of resources or distribution of institutions between the regions, there are so many contradictions within the coalition,' he said. Referring to the announcement made by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh yesterday, Karra said that by playing 'this cruel joke,' the Centre has brought to fore its 'inherent bias towards Kashmiris'. 'The so-called flood-relief package announced by the Government of India amounts to rubbing salt into the wound of Kashmiris,' Karra said. ADVERTISING Expressing dismay over the Centre's 'brazenly apathetic' attitude towards the flood-affected people in Kashmir, Karra said 'the much-hyped package announced by the Centre is not only grossly inadequate but also speaks of the perceptible bias in Government of India's attitude towards Kashmir.' 'Ironically, against the projected demand of Rs 44,000 crore for relief and rehabilitation of the flood-affected infrastructure, the Government of India has after a delay of 10 months announced a paltry of Rs 2,400 crore,' he said.