India, Pak Had Agreed For 15-yr Demilitarization In Kashmir: Musharraf

20 June 2015
Rising Kashmir

Srinagar: Former Pakistan president and military ruler General (Retd) Parvez Musharraf has said India and Pakistan had agreed to withdraw their armies from their parts of Jammu and Kashmir for 15 years during his tenure in 2007. 'We had decided to experiment a 15-year demilitarization plan in Kashmir. We had agreed that armies would remain in barracks so that Kashmiris will get rid of violence,' Musharraf told Pakistani Journalist in an interview for Srinagar-based Urdu magazine Belaag Sahafat. He said he had discussed the plan with Kashmiri separatist leaders during his meetings with them in Pakistan, Delhi and New York. 'They were supporting my proposal. Yasin Malik too had agreed with the plan. However, Syed Ali Geelani was the only opponent to the proposal but his consent was not important. National conference working President Omar Abdullah was also on board,' Musharraf said. He said India and Pakistan had agreed on a four point plan which included demilitarization of both parts of Kashmir, maximum autonomy, making LoC irrelevant and joint control by India and Pakistan on both parts of J&K. 'Making India agree on demilitarization of Jammu and Kashmir was a big achievement for Pakistan,' Musharraf said. He said it was decided that both parts of Kashmir will have their own Chief Justices and Elections Commissioners. 'People would freely elect their own representative. This would be called self governance. It was decided that India and Pakistan would jointly monitor this mechanism. We had decided that initially this kind of joint mechanism would be maintained for 15 years,' former Pakistani military ruler revealed. When asked whether 15-year demilitarization proposal was still a practicable plan, Musharraf said, 'Indian PM Narendra Modi will never allow Kashmiri Muslims to be free. Even he wants to finish the special status of Kashmir under Indian constitution. On the other hand Pakistan lacks a courageous leadership that can talk to India with an equal confidence. Only a courageous leadership can make India accept the Pakistani view point.' While admiring former Indian prime ministers Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Mamohan Singh, he said, 'I can say with conviction that Vajapyee and Singh were sincere for restoration of peace in this region'. 'I had also made it clear to Indian leadership that despite being a smaller country than India, Pakistan would talk only on equal level. India cannot force or impose her will on us. I told Indian leadership that if they were sincere and truthful then we will move two steps forward against every one step by India,' Musharraf added.