'Fanatic Hindu Groups' Trying To Create 1947-like Situation In Jmu: Hurriyat (G)

9 July 2015
Kashmir Reader

Srinagar: Expressing concern over imparting of arms training to the youth, including girls in the educational institutes of Jammu by fanatic Hindu groups, Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Geelani said on Thursday that attempts were being made to create a 1947-like situation in the region, when the Muslims were massacred and forced to migrate. In a statement, a Hurriyat Conference (G) spokesman that since the inception of 'Mufti-RSS' government in Jammu and Kashmir, the communal and fascist organisations have been treating Jammu as 'their conquered territory' and have begun the process of 'cleansing' the area of Muslims. 'Earlier a process of reciting Vande Mataram and dancing was started in the schools and colleges of the region. But reports are coming now that the students of a particular community are being provided with arms training,' the spokesman said. He said that the RSS and VHP activists have turned the Jammu University into a training center for their activities, where they organize various programs to spread communal hatred and indoctrinate youths into an ideology of hate. 'We have apprehensions that these activities are the beginning of a genocide plan of the Muslim community and according to this plot the Muslim population at first will be frightened and terrorized and then, like 1947, they will be either massacred or forced to migrate from here,' the spokesman said. However, the spokesman cautioned that the Muslims of Jammu will not be left on the mercy of the communal forces and any anti-Muslim activity in the region will trigger a strong reaction in the Kashmir Valley 'The people of this region will en masse move to the Jammu and will protect our brethren there at every cost,' the spokesman said. The spokesman said that after rendering Muslims shelterless in the name of vacating forest land, occupying their lands for the construction of temples, disrespecting and desecrating their religious places and deputing saffronised officials people in place of Muslim officers at key posts in administration, police, judiciary, revenue and education departments, the 'communal and fascist forces have now started wicked and dangerous activities in the Jammu region.' 'Hurriyat Conference expresses its surprise and sorrow that the government is not only silently watching the suspicious activities of the communal forces but they are encouraging them in every way. They are free to use the schools, colleges and even universities for their communal acts and the state government is action less to stop them,' the spokesman added.