Yasin Malik To Boycott Eid Milan Function At Pak HC

17 July 2015
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik has decided to boycott the 'Eid Milan' function being hosted by the Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi. 'The issue of Eid Milan party to be hosted by Pakistani high Commission in Delhi was thoroughly discussed in a JKLF meeting. It was resolved that in view of Ufa Russia joint declaration that had no mention of Kashmir issue, a show of democratic dissent was necessary. Therefore, it was decided that JKLF will not participate in proposed EID Milan program,' JKLF spokesperson said in a statement. However, the spokesperson maintained that, 'people of Jammu Kashmir have high hopes in Pakistani premier Nawaz Shareef who himself is of Kashmiri origin.' 'Kashmiris think that Nawaz Shareef is in a much better situation to feel the pain and agony of Kashmiris. Though recent meeting between Indian Prime Minster and Pakistani premier and the joint declaration on the occasion has disappointed Kashmiris, but still Kashmiris hope that Nawaz Shareef government will take corrective measures in this regard and Kashmir will not be put on a back burner. Meanwhile, the spokesperson said Malik who was scheduled to address a public gathering at Chrar I Shareef today in connection with Jumat-ul Vida, was placed under house arrest. 'Kashmir is actually ruled by oppression and tyranny where even breathing freely is banned,' Malik said in a statement. Condemning restrictions on his Chrar-I-Shareef program, arrests, house arrests, restrictions and barriers, Malik said, 'Mufti regime has surpassed all previous records of oppression and restrictions and an atmosphere of suffocation has been implemented that is unprecedented.'