AIIMS Committee Resumes Strike, Calls BJP Action Treacherous

21 July 2015
The Tribune (Chandigarh)

Jammu: As BJP leaders failed to keep their commitment to get an order regarding sanctioning of an All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for Jammu region, the AIIMS Coordination Committee today resumed its suspended agitation to expose the saffron party. Resuming the chain hunger strike on the bank of the Tawi under the statue of Maharaja Hari Singh, the last Dogra ruler of Jammu and Kashmir, chairman of AIIMS Coordination Committee Abhinav Sharma described the behaviour of BJP leaders of the state as well as of the Centre as the betrayal with the people of Jammu. 'It is a classical example of treachery against those who in 2014 had placed faith in the BJP, hoping that it will reverse the hegemonic politics imposed on Jammu province,' he said. The AIIMS Coordination Committee had been spearheading the stir for AIIMS in Jammu. He described the inability of BJP leaders to fulfil the written commitment to the AIIMS Coordination Committee of getting a formal announcement pertaining to the establishment of AIIMS in Jammu from its own BJP-led NDA government as a unique example of walking away. Sharma said it was for the first time in the political history of the country that any political party in such a brazen manner breached the trust of the people who voted it to power. 'Now we will not talk to anyone. Our only goal is AIIMS for Jammu. We will achieve it at any cost. The committee enjoys unstinted popular support in the entire Jammu region,' he asserted. The anger and feeling of betrayal was manifest in speeches of all speakers who spoke on the occasion. The disenchantment was clearly visible across the entire spectrum of civil society organisations who were a part of the AIIMS Coordination Committee. All of them resolved in one voice to leave no stone unturned to get their demand of establishing AIIMS in Jammu fulfilled. Speaker after speaker lambasted the BJP and resolved to make the political party to pay a very heavy price for its act of betrayal committed on responsible and peace-loving citizens of Jammu. They said what the BJP had done shattered the opinion of the people of Jammu that the BJP was an alternative to the subversive, hegemonic and anti-Jammu politics being indulged in by the Kashmir leaders backed to the hilt by New Delhi.