Traders In Kashmir Call For Shutdown In View Of Burning Of IS Flag

25 July 2015

Srinagar: Various trader bodies called for a shutdown in Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday.Traders called for the shutdown to express solidarity with Kashmiri Muslims in view of the burning of an Islamic State (IS) flag by the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Tuesday. Markets across provincial capital Srinagar wore a deserted look as shops remained shut and traders stayed away from work. The situation has been tensed in the valley for the last few days following a clash between police and Kashmiri Muslims after the Tuesday's incident. A curfew was imposed in Rajouri district after a mob pelted stones at security personnel.Kashmiri Muslims claimed the flag carried holy Islamic verse and burning it was sacrilege. Reportedly, VHP apologised for its action saying it was not aware about the verse. On Tuesday, protesters had clashed with police while raising slogans to protect Muslims from being targeted in northern Jammu city. Several protesters were detained by the police. Army was called in to ensure better security.However, curfew was lifted for two hours on Friday.