Govt Terms Pak Army's Drone Allegations As 'purely Fabricated'

28 July 2015

New Delhi: India on Tuesday dismissed fresh Pakistani allegations that the drone it downed along the Line of Control (LoC) on July 15 was operated by the Indian army as being 'purely fabricated' and amounting to a 'disinformation campaign.' 'On a day, when terrorists from Pakistan carry out an attack in Gurdaspur, the Pakistani Army issues a statement on the alleged increase of violations by India on the LoC. It is funny,' Army sources said. Asked about the Pakistani army's release of pictures showing footage of a drone shot down on July 15, purportedly showing Indian territory, the sources said 'it is fabricated and a part of the misinformation campaign.' The Pakistani Army had yesterday on Monday that the forensic tests of the drone it downed along the LOC on July 15 showed that it was operated by the Indian Army. A Pakistan military spokesman had alleged that the visuals retrieved out of the drone indicate that the Quadcopter flew from a Indian post. Sources drove attention to Chinese media reports which have said that the drone was never sold to India.