Pakistani Terrorist Naved Wants To Kill His LeT Mentors

17 August 2015
Zee News

New Delhi: Alleged Pakistani terrorist Mohammed Naved Yakub, who had said it was 'fun' to 'kill Hindus', now wants to train gun on those in Pakistan who sent him on a fidayeen mission to India. According to the Hindustan Times, it was revealed during questioning that the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) operative seems to have been administered a psychotropic substance before the attack on a BSF convoy in Jammu and Kashmir's Udhampur district on August 05. He was nabbed by the villagers on the same day. The investigation revealed that Naved was asked to take a white tablet before the attack 'which we believe must be some kind of psychotropic substance that dulled his senses,' said an investigator. Naved, a Class 5 dropout and a compulsive gambler, has said that he didn't have any direction in life till he was spotted by a LeT maulvi in a Faisalabad mosque, reports the daily. According to the investigator, Maulvi Bashir later became Naved's mentor, instilled a sense of purpose in his life, and made him a 'jehad baby'. 'In a very typical manner of Lashkar, he was shown videos of atrocities committed on his Muslim brethren in India, particularly in Kashmir. After three courses, the first in physical fitness, the second in handling weapons and the last on carrying out a suicide attack, Naved was launched by Lashkar across the border on June 02,' he added. 'His elder brother and brother-in-law both are college lecturers, therefore in the typical middle class family of Faisalabad, Naved, was written off as a bad apple much earlier. His family doesn't seem to have made much effort in inquiring about his absence after he joined the LeT,' said the investigator. Naved has recognised on Google Earth his locality, a factory where he worked before being a part of the LeT, and the terror organisation's offices he visited. 'Naved's questioning has also revealed that LeT's jehad factory is up and running. During his training in the LeT camp, there were around 180 other boys in the first course but the number dwindled to 40 to 50 for the next two rounds of training,' says the investigator. Naved, however, now wants to go back on another mission. 'Please allow me to go back once to kill all those who sent me to Kashmir,' Naved has told his interrogators. The LeT had given him Rs 50,000 before sending him to the Valley. However, all his money was kept by Abu Qasim, his handler in the Valley. Naved was given only Rs 2,000 for daily expenses. 'His interrogation has helped us to identify more than three dozen Lashkar overt and underground supporters in the Valley who sheltered Naved and his associates during the two months he roamed around before attacking the BSF bus,' said the investigator. Notably, the daily added that the investigator's claims couldn't be independently verified. Naved was brought to Delhi on August 13 to be subjected to a lie detection test. He was earlier questioned in Jammu for nearly eight days to find out more about his plans to strike terror in the country. According to the Jammu and Kashmir Police, he has admitted he is a Pakistani and hails from Faisalabad. Naved, along with a compatriot, had attacked a Border Security Force convoy on the highway near Samruli, about 10 km from Udhampur town, killing two troopers on August 05. The other terrorist was killed in the firing, but Naved was nabbed alive.