Panun Kashmir Holds A Brain Storming Interactive Session On 'Agenda Of Alliance'

30 August 2015
Scoop News

Jammu: Panun Kashmir, a premier political organisation of displaced Kashmiri Pandits, Sunday held an interactive session on 'Agenda of Alliance' in Jammu, the winter capital. The speakers observed that the new political alignment in Jammu and Kashmir between BJP and PDP doesn't seem to have augured well for the State and that this union of opposites has failed to trigger any cohesion towards serving the nation. 'On the contrary, the politics and governance in the State, in the last six months have unleashed developments with serious implications on national security and integration of the State', they said. They said the nationalist constituency in the state is being marginalized and the separatist pro-Pakistan elements seem on ascendance with Pakistani and IS Flags being hoisted regularly, triggering a fillip to Jehadi activity with increased attacks on citizens and security establishment, and successful infiltrations from across Pakistan. In addition, the cease-fire violations on LOC and IB have increased manifold. In his key note address Prof. MK Teng said that the hopes of change with the formation of the BJP Government in New Delhi, have been belied. The PDP -BJP alliance in the state is the continuation of the same mindset as we had observed during Congress-PDP or Congress-NC governments in the state. 'Indian political class has been always unwilling to fight against the enemies of Indian nation. This Agenda of Alliance is the expression of the same malaise which has afflicted the Indian political class',sn he added. Prof Hari Om while discussing the contents of the Agenda of Alliance said that it is embodiment of betrayals that have started to unfold. The Agenda of Alliance is already unleashing trends of strengthening the 'separatist enterprise' in the state. 'The Agenda of Alliance seeks to undermine Jammu as a region, break its territorial composition and render it formally as a mere appendage of Kashmir. The agenda seeks to disown all the nationalist segments of the people of the state. Agenda of alliance is an expression of a new phase of betrayal of the nation', Prof Hari Om observed. B S Salathia while discussing the Agenda of Alliance said that the written undertaking given in the document to establish AIIMS in Kashmir valley signified eloquently that the PDP-BJP government was committed to perpetuate the same discriminatory attitude towards Jammu as was being done by the previous regimes. 'BJP has suddenly transformed itself as a strongest allay of the hegemonic processes imposed on Jammu', he said while making a specific reference to the commitment of the Agenda of Alliance to seek integration and absorption of Kashmiri Pandits into the existing Milieu in Kashmir and said 'this commitment is in fact a commitment to hand over Kashmir Hindus to Jihadi forces and seek their conversion because the milieu in Kashmir is thoroughly communalised and radicalized.' Commenting on the Agenda of AllianceDr Ajay Chrungoo said that it was in fact a document of commitment to implement Musharraf Plan from within. He further stated that it was during NDA regime led by Vajpayee that concepts of porous borders, shared sovereignty for Jammu and Kashmir, joint management and demilitarization became 'respectable' concepts to be incorporated into the national policy. PDP's emergence as an alternative political pole in the state and its Self Rule perspective evolved during Vajpayee era and handing over of the state to soft-separatism became the cardinal strategy. Agenda of alliance is the continuation of the same attitude of handing over state to separatist mind. 'The agenda is in fact a commitment of the BJP to hostage the mandate it got in Jammu to PDP so that the vision of the latter is imposed on the state. Agenda of alliance is a document of political and ideological capitulation of BJP as well as RSS. Inherent in the Agenda is the abandonment of Kashmiri Hindus to forces of jihad. Inherent in it is the abandonment of Jammu as a citadel of Indian nationhood', Dr Chrangoo charged. The interactive session seemed unanimous that where as the alliance projected itself as the only viable political arrangement for the State, but instead it has delivered on an antithesis of a nation building paradigm, which sets forth a premium on anti-national and separatist agenda. The house dubbed the much publicized document, 'The Agenda of Alliance' as an architecture of capitulation. The participants on the occasion while reflecting in detail on the 'Agenda of Alliance' also passed a Resolution and states as the following: That the Agenda of Alliance (AOA) that has often been touted as a 'Governance Alliance' between BJP-PDP and 'as an effort towards seeking a national reconciliation on J&K', is basically a frame-work for compromise of the national interests in the state with the separatists and Pro-Pak elements. The nationalist elements in the state out rightly reject the contents of the Agenda of Alliance and pledge to defeat all designs to weaken the integrity of the nation. That the AOA seeks to recognise Pakistan and the separatists as stakeholders is an insult to the indivisible unity of the nation. This is tantamount to pushing Jammu and Kashmir away from India, away from secularism and away from democracy. The house out-rightly rejects the concept of stake holders and declares that the people of India are the only stake holder in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. That the AOA seeks to weaken the resistance being offered by the armed forces of the country to the Jehadist elements by examining the 'need for de-notifying 'disturbed areas', as a consequence to enable a final view on continuation of AFSPA'. The house unanimously rejects all and any attempts which weaken and undermine the security operations in the state against anti-national and terrorist forces. That the AOA seeks to reintegrate the Internally Displaced Hindus of Kashmir by absorbing them in the Kashmiri milieu. This is preposterous given that the present milieu in Kashmir is radicalized on fundamentalist Islamic lines and is responsible for the exclusion of these Hindus from Kashmir. Hence, not acceptable.SN That the house unanimously declares that all efforts would be made by the nationalist forces in Jammu to confront and defeat all machinations that undermine the region as a 'citadel of national resistance against separatism'; and We shall also stand up as one unified force to protect the interests of Jammu. Those who spoke on the occasion included BS Slathia, Prof Hari Om, Dr Ajay Chrangoo, Dr Kshama Koul, Prof Shalinder Jamwal, Prof MK Teng, S Inder Mahinder Tai Singh, Ravinder Sharma, Devender Sharma, Prof Bhola Nath.