'Pak. Agreed Not To Go To UNSC On Kashmir'

3 September 2015

Washington DC: In May 2000, the then Pervez Musharraf regime in Pakistan told the U.S. that it would not push for a U.N. Security Council resolution on Kashmir, acknowledging that it would not be helpful in resolving the Kashmir issue with India, says a U.S. cable. 'He [Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar] noted that Pakistan would deliberately 'low-key' the United Nations resolutions of the 1940s, as emphasising them would not be helpful,' said a secret cable issued by the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan after the then Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Thomas Pickering, had a one-on-one meeting with Mr. Sattar in Islamabad on May 27, 2000. Running into several pages, the cable refers to the efforts made by the then Vajpayee government in resolving the Kashmir issue. In the highly redacted version of the cable, Mr. Pickering is seen telling Sattar during the two-hour meeting that the onus for reducing the violence in Kashmir was on Pakistan, to which the Foreign Minister agreed.