Lack Of Pakistan Policy Pushing Youth Towards Militancy In JK: Azad

17 September 2015

Srinagar: Congress on Thursday claimed that government of India's lack of a policy towards Pakistan is the reason for continued shelling on borders and Kashmiri youths joining militant ranks. Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad also accused the Central government of 'deteriorating' the situation on the frontiers. 'This is a matter of grave concern that according to the army chief, police officers here and officials of other agencies, the recruitment (of youth into militant ranks) is increasing. This is a (matter of) concern not only to Kashmir but to the whole country,' Azad told reporters here. He said the biggest reason for this is 'the borders are witnessing much more shellingthan during the last 67 years' even after the NDA government's assurance of peace. 'The main reason for this is there is no policy of the government towards Pakistan. Pakistan has always been attempting to keep the flames of the fire going. 'But the Central government should have tried to improve the situation. Rather, it has deteriorated the situation further,' he said. On the beef ban, Azad called for restraint over the issue, saying the matter is very sensitive for India, especially Kashmir. 'Sometimes the decisions of the government or the courts become bitter. And people get angry either individually or collectively with such decisions. But this decision, this law, is very sensitive for the whole country and especially for Kashmir. 'I request the brothers and the youth of Kashmir not to play by your emotions in such situationsthat can ruin the situation,' he said. Azad said there was a need to use hearts and minds while dealing with any issues in Kashmir. 'We have always seen in Kashmir that whenever we have worked using our hearts and minds, the situation has become better here but the situation deteriorates when we have used our emotions. We don't have to just look upto Banihal, but whatever step we take, we have to see what effect it will have in many parts of the state and the country,' he said. Azad said such issues act like sparks which could take the shape of a huge fire. 'So, I request all not to play by their emotions, but have patience and think of the whole country and each district of the state and then take a decision,' he said. He said Congress will discuss the issue with like-minded parties when the Autumn session of Jammu and Kashmir Assembly begins on October 3. 'When assembly starts, we will see it then (whether to bring a bill or support anyone seeking amendments in the law banning slaughter of bovine animals). Congress, NC (National Conference) and other likeminded bodies will meet and decide on it,' he said.