'Agenda Of Alliance Sinister Ploy To Radicalise State'

20 September 2015

Jammu: The lawyer's forum here has termed the Agenda of Alliance between the ruling coalition partners BJP and PDP as a 'communal' agenda which is formed to benefit the Kashmir valley alone. 'After reading the document of the Agenda of Alliance, I am seriously worried about an attempt to fracture the secular processes in the state and usher in an era of further radicalisation of the entire state particularly Jammu Province,' former president of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association B S Salathia said. 'The Agenda of Alliance is a communal agenda formed to benefit the Kashmir valley alone,' he added. Salathia who is also the chairman of the Jammu Lawyer's forum was speaking at a day-long seminar today to discuss the contours of the Agenda of Alliance of the ruling coalition partners. He said that the agenda of Alliance has deprived the people of Jammu region of their right to have due representation in the Legislative Assembly. 'The 2002 Amendment to the Representation of People's Act clearly says that there could be delimitation of assembly constituencies only after the 2031 census and that too if the government of the time would be willing to withdraw the anti-democratic amendment,' he said. He said that the people of Jammu who have been demanding the delimitation of the assembly constituencies in the state cannot allow this as there was a sinister plan to freeze the delimitation till 2040. He said that the issues on which the BJP had sought mandate from the Jammu region have been sidelined by the party after coming to power in the state. 'The written references about the internally displaced Hindus of Kashmir are more brazen and naked in intention. PDP-BJP is seeking to integrate exiled Hindus of Kashmir with the existing Kashmir social milieu there so that they are eventually absorbed into it. We all know what Kashmiri social milieu means,' he said. Salathia said that the West Pakistan Refugees and refugees from Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) have also been formally abandoned by BJP while sealing their alliance with PDP for power. Terming the document as 'sinister' Agenda of Alliance, Salathia sought immediate withdrawal of the same which, he said, has the potential of undoing all that the nation did for integrating the state since independence.