Tausir Jilani Of Kashmir National Party Tells People The Reality Of Pakistan's Plan To Fight Terror

5 October 2015
Manoj Gupta

Srinagar: A week after Pakistan government's brutality in areas occupied by it in Kashmir was exposed, a new video has been recovered in which Tausir Jilani of Kashmir National Party is telling people and the rest of the world the reality of Islamabad's so-called National Action Plan (NAP) on fighting terror. He claimed that NAP is simply a licence to kill innocent civilians in several areas of Pakistan like FATA, Balochistan and in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Jilani said the NAP is simply used as a publicity vehicle by Pakistani Army Generals to come on TV and proclaim victory in the war on terror. He also added that all books on Kashmiri literature were being taken off the shelves across PoK. According to him books on Kashmir are being burnt and instead Kashmiri children are being fed with Pakistani state propaganda. On Sunday, Pakistan National Security Advisor Sartaj Aziz refused to accept the claim that his country has been brutally suppressing people in the PoK even as videos accessed by CNN-IBN revealed a totally different picture. On the contrary he accused India of using 7 lakh soldiers to suppress Kashmiris. In an exclusive interview to CNN-IBN, Aziz said, 'We haven't kept thousand of troops to suppress our Kashmir, there is hardly any soldier who is suppressing our people. They are living freely and there is no such thing but India has to keep 70000 troops in Kashmir to subjugate the people who want the right of self determination.' 'I haven't seen the video, but you wait for our video on this subject, because our video of human rights violation in occupied Kashmir is so sort of overwhelming. I have been watching Azad Kashmir, our side of Kashmir from so many years and I haven't seen any kind of protest which says that there is human right violation. The infrastructure is just not there in India, you don't even allow foreign journalist to travel throughout Kashmir, human rights institutions are not allowed to come there, so there is no comparison. I think we are going to raise this very soon,' he added. Last week, CNN-IBN exposed the real face of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) where there are massive protests against the Pakistani government in several areas including Muzaffarabad, Gilgit and Kotli. CNN-IBN exposed how the Pakistani establishment was using brutal force to quell rebellion in the region, resorting to massive human rights violation even though Islamabad has never lost an opportunity to hit out at New Delhi over Kashmir and the alleged attempts to suppress the people living in the Valley.