MLA Rashid: Withdrew Case Against Attackers As I Had No Hope Of Justice

22 October 2015
The Hindustan Times

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir's Independent MLA Sheikh Abdul Rashid on Thursday said he withdrew the case against the five people who smeared ink on his face in New Delhi as he had no hope of getting justice. Speaking at a press conference in Srinagar, Rashid also said he wanted to show the tolerance of the people of Kashmir. 'I had no hope of justice there because they (attackers) were like government guests. The police was there when the attack took place,' Rashid told reporters. The controversial MLA from north Kashmir's Langate area was attacked at the Press Club of India on Monday 'Our fight is not against those five goons, they were rented goons, but their masters,' he said. The MLA from Langate constituency said he has sympathy for the people of the country as the nation that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi had envisioned was 'dead'. While displaying the stained clothes he was wearing when the ink was thrown at him, Rashid said the clothes bore a 'terrible message from New Delhi for people of Kashmir' and were like 'coffins of India's secularism and tolerance'. Rashid added that the 'radicalization' of Indian state was enough to prove (Pakistan founder) Jinnah's two-nation theory right. He also lambasted Muslim scholars. 'The ink attack should act as an eye opener for the state-sponsored moulvis of India who have been trying to shamelessly defend the acts of Sangh Parivar by even misquoting Islam,' he added. The legislator also lashed out at the government for imposing restrictions on Muharram processions in Kashmir, saying it was the 'worst kind' of intolerance and act of hurting the sentiments of Muslims in a Muslim-majority state. 'Those who are engaged in propaganda and mudslinging by accusing Muslims of hurting sentiments of the minority community in Kashmir should answer as to what name shall be given to the restrictions imposed by the government on religious processions of Muharram and not allowing prayers in Eidgah, Srinagar, and at other places,' Rashid said.