MP Baig Writes Open Letter To PM Modi, CM Mufti

6 November 2015
Kashmir Life

Srinagar: Senior PDP politician and Member Parliament Muzaffar Hussian Baig has said that the PDP-BJP coalition government experiment has 'failed till now', and has appealed to the chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to rectify their mistakes. In a letter addressed to CM Mufti and PM Modi, the former deputy chief minister of state has expressed his concern over the rising intolerance in India and attacks on minorities after the BJP formed government at Centre. Baig, in the letter which is in possession of KNS, has criticised the leaders for promising heavens to the people but delivering nothing. He has said that because of the rising intolerance and fearful atmosphere prevailing in the country, minorities, particularly Kashmiri Muslims are concerned about traveling and studying in India. Baig has said that in Muslim majority state of Jammu and Kashmir the sense of insecurity that prevails today has never been witnessed before. 'The unfortunate environment of intolerance, leading to ruthless killing of some members of minority community in Uttar Pradesh, and some innocents in Jammu, has made all Muslims, living in all regions of the state extremely insecure,' Baig writes in the letter. While addressing to both the leaders, he writes, 'Your Excellencies, I beseech you to rise to the occasion and assure the people of the state and minorities of the country that communalism, intolerance and bigotry shall not be tolerated never any more: that violators who commit this crime against humanity shall be forced to face the perils of law. Modi Sahab, if you cannot do it, then who can? Who shall?'