JKLF Calls US Statement 'short-sighted'

21 November 2015
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) on Saturday termed as 'short-sighted' the US statement in which the State Department spokesman John Kirby said that 'it is for India and Pakistan to resolve Kashmir.' In a statement, JKLF Chief Yasin Malik said that Kashmir is not a border dispute between India and Pakistan. 'It is the question of self determination of a nation that has sacrificed lakhs of its men and women during last six decades,' said Malik. He said that the statement of the US terming Kashmir as a bilateral issue is 'short-sighted and contrary to its past stand on Jammu Kashmir'. Malik said that great powers became great by helping and assisting people not following narrow interests. 'Great powers also rise and fall but the will of the people always prevails,' he said, adding 'The US has forsaken a moral and value based foreign policy for an interest and power based one. Trade and economic ties and interests are given preference over humanity and human values and oppressors are being praised and those oppressed are being budded and dumped for pity gains.' Malik said that international community must learn lesson from the recent growing incidents of violence all over the world and change their interest based policies with human value based policies so that this world becomes a place of peace and harmony. He said that without resolving the disputes and issues confronting nations and people, lasting and durable peace cannot be achieved. 'That this is why Kashmiris seek an honorable and peaceful resolution of Jammu Kashmir dispute and are rendering sacrifices for it. Kashmiris are a living nation striving for their birth right and anyone who dreams of peace and prosperity in south Asia will have to accept the owner and primary party status of Kashmiris and persuade India and Pakistan to include people of Jammu Kashmir in the process of resolution of Jammu Kashmir,' said Malik. Earlier today, JKLF staged a protest rally against the continued detention of resistance leaders and young boys who are languishing in different police stations and jails.