Kashmir Pandits Protest Against Modi's Rehab Package

22 November 2015
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: While criticizing the PM Narendra Modi's package employees under the aegis of Youth All India Kashmir Samaj (YAIKS) YAIKS led by its President Pandit R K Bhat staged a protest march at Lal Chowk here on Sunday, 'to save the future of Gen Next Kashmiri Pandits.' Scores of employees working under PM Package participated in the march and thereafter a resolution was passed stating specifically that 'PM's Return & Rehabilitation Package for Kashmiri Migrants - A mere eyewash.' The protesters were detained by the police and lodged at Kothibagh police station. A resolution was passed on the occasion which stated: 'The lackadaisical approach of the government in proper implementation of the PM's Return and Rehabilitation Package of Kashmiri Pandits has completely put this scheme off-track due to which the KP employees recruited under the said package in Kashmir are facing a lot of unavoidable hardships and circumstances.' It added, 'PM's Return and Rehabilitation Package for Kashmiri Migrants was announced long back in 2008 as a step towards rehabilitation of unemployed KP youth in Kashmir Valley. However due to pathetic handling by successive regimes resulted in complete failure of the scheme.' 'Under this package the government had claimed to rehabilitate a total number of 75000 migrant families back to Valley. However the harsh reality, duly supported by the appointments done so far by the government is that so far during the last 8 years the government could not even rehabilitate 2000 KP youth who had volunteered to serve in Kashmir. Thus not even 5% of the whole package has been implemented so far, for which Rs. 16.18 crores and then Rs. 5000 and 2000 crores package was sanctioned by the GOI. The non-implementation of the package has again exposed the evil designs of the political parties involved and their apathy towards the nationalist forces of microscopic community of Kashmiri Pandits,' the resolution added. 'The incompetence of the successive governments is highlighted by the fact that from year 2008, out of the sanctioned 6000 jobs only some 2000 youth have been recruited. Till date the remaining 4000 posts are still left unfilled. Furthermore out of these 2000 employees only 800 employees have been provided accommodation, that too on sharing basis. Is survival possible under these circumstances? Since these employees are living away from their families, it becomes very difficult for them to maintain social relation with their families and relative,' it said. Protesters said if genuine demands are not met within 30 days they would be forced to call all employees back to Jammu working under PM's package.