PDP's Mehbooba Mufti Promises 'new Era Of Inclusiveness' In Jammu And Kashmir

23 November 2015

Srinagar: Resolution, reconciliation and development constitute the ruling Peoples Democratic Party's core agenda and it would continue to pursue the same with unflinching consistency to ensure political stability and economic prosperity of Jammu and Kashmir, PDP president Mehbooba Mufti said on Sunday. 'It is with this objective that, despite all odds, PDP entered into an alliance with BJP to revive the process of political reconciliation and economic rejuvenation in Jammu and Kashmir which was initiated by the PDP-led coalition government in 2002,' Mehbooba who is a member of parliament from South Kashmir's Anantnag said. Maintaining that gun is no solution to any problem, she expressed hope that the country's leadership would take a cue from the events in the Middle East and work with a fresh resolve towards fostering a new era of inclusiveness and reconciliation in the South Asian region. 'The lesson to be learnt from the death and destruction in Afghanistan and now in Middle East is that gun is no solution to any problem, whether used by the state or the non-state actors, and only way to ensure stability is through dialogue and reconciliation. 'I am sure that India's political leadership will take a cue from the tragic events in the Middle East and work, with fresh resolve, towards fostering a new era of inclusiveness and reconciliation in the country and the region,' Mehbooba said while addressing a party workers convention. She said in the emerging global scenario where some 'dubious fringe elements' are resorting to atrocious violence in the name of Islam, reconciliation in the sub-continent has become an inevitability to keep such elements away from destabilizing the region. 'J&K can become the torch-bearer of such a reconciliatory process in the region as the State and its people have exhibited the mellowness and highest levels of religious tolerance even during the worst times of the sub-continent's history,' she said. She said at the time of partition, the State's then political leadership did not accept the 'two nation theory' and preferred India over Pakistan. 'In lieu of this, J&K was granted special status in the Indian Constitution which distinguishes it from the other states of the country in many ways,' Mehbooba said, adding, 'While, it has been made clear in the PDP-BJP 'Agenda of Alliance' that the State's present position will be maintained on all the constitutional provisions pertaining to J&K including the special status in the Constitution of India, the state government is continuing its efforts to catalyze reconciliation and confidence building process within and across the Line of Control (LoC) to create an enabling environment for sustainable peace, all round economic development and prosperity of J&K.' Mehbooba said the reconciliatory and developmental process facilitated by the then PDP-led government between 2002 and 2005 had sparked political, economic and social activity on a phenomenal scale in the state facilitating complete transformation of the ground situation on almost every front. 'We are looking forward and working towards facilitating a similar scenario in the State and the region so that Jammu and Kashmir could become a bridge of friendship between India and Pakistan instead of a bone of contention,' she said. 'The process of political and economic transformation in J-K has already been set into motion and the results will be visible on the ground soon with people reaping the benefits of a new era of peace and development,' the PDP leader said. Mehbooba said the biggest challenge for the PDP is to be with the people, show solidarity with them and give them the much needed sense of security and relief on development front and the party is committed to its resolve of bringing prosperity to J-K and its people. 'We are firm in our resolve to mark a new beginning and with the support of the people end the gloomy scenario of despair, alienation and development deficit, in the state,' she said. She said with the announcement of the Rs 80,000 crore economic package by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the State Government is going to revive the process of rehabilitation, reconstruction and economic rejuvenation on a massive scale. 'The package would not only ensure fresh relief for the flood-affected people, but also bring a turnaround in key sectors like road communication, health, education, tourism, power, urban development and employment generation with huge resources being made available for new initiatives in these sectors,' she said.