Talks Have Failed To Change Ground Situation In Kashmir: Geelani

10 December 2015
Greater Kashmir
Arif Shafi Wani

Srinagar: Chairman, Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Shah Geelani on Thursday said that talks between India and Pakistan have 'failed to change the ground situation and put an end to unabated human rights violations in Kashmir.' 'India and Pakistan have been holding dialogue on Kashmir for last 68 years. The only thing they decide is to hold further talks. The talks have failed to change the ground situation in Kashmir,' Geelani said addressing a seminar 'Human Rights violations in JK and (role of) United Nations' at party headquarters here. Elaborating, Geelani said, 'While the dialogue process was going on, people of Kashmir were and are subjected to unabated human rights violations by Indian forces and police.' India and Pakistan on Wednesday announced to engage in a 'comprehensive' dialogue on peace and security and Jammu and Kashmir. Geelani said since 1947, over 150 rounds of talks have been held between India and Pakistan. 'Still Kashmiris continue to suffer. These talks are futile unless India and Pakistan agree to implement UN resolutions on Kashmir,' he said. He said Kashmiris are main stakeholders of Kashmir issue. 'Since 1947, over six lakh Kashmiris have been martyred, nearly 10,000 subjected to enforced disappearance, chastity of around 6000 women looted, 25,000 youth booked under PSA, 38,000 houses destroyed, 38 awarded life sentence and Muhammad Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru sent to gallows,' he said. 'Our youth and pro-freedom leaders are subjected to political vengeance. Ghulam Muhammad Bhat of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat is languishing in Tihar jail for last five years. National Investigation Agency has lined up 125 false witnesses against him. In last five years, only 25 witnesses have recorded their statements. This way Bhat will languish for years together in jail. Many Kashmiris were acquitted over a decade after their arrest. This is the height of political vengeance against Kashmir,' he said. The Hurriyat (G) Chairman accused the United Nations of adopting 'criminal silence' over human rights violations in Kashmir. He said the International Human Rights Day commemorates adoption of Universal Declaration on Human Rights by the United Nations General Assembly. 'Ironically, the UN has miserably failed to fulfill its objective to protect human rights of Kashmiris and Muslims around the globe. The UN is mute on the suffering of Kashmiris as part of its anti-Muslim policy and to maintain its diplomatic ties with India,' he said. He said the UN is also sitting on implementation of its 18 resolutions passed on Kashmir. 'India has taken advantage of UN's silence and has been denying the right to self-determination to Kashmiris. Despite sharing 7000 miles of border, cultural bonding and demography with Pakistan, India through deceit took over Jammu and Kashmir. Even its first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru promised Kashmiris right of self-determination, but it too is yet to be fulfilled,' he said. Geelani urged Kashmiris to show commitment for taking the movement forward. 'Kashmiris, especially youth should not get disappointed by ups and downs in movement for Azadi. But they need to go for self-introspection and show commitment towards the movement. They must be cautions of tactics of Indian agencies who are making all efforts to divert their attention from the movement,' he said. 'I was pained to learn that 30 Kashmiris girls recently went on all-India tour under Army's Operation Sadhbhavana. Around 40,000 Kashmiri youth have fallen prey to drug abuse and consumption of liquor. This is all happening due to patronage of police and administration to pollute fertile minds of our younger generation. We have to wake up from slumber and save our youth from destruction as they have to spearhead the Azadi movement,' he said. Geelani urged people to remain cautions of mainstream parties. 'All mainstream parties are chameleons and for power they can go to any extent. Kashmiris must understand that mainstream parties are only for implementing India's suppressive policies against them,' he added. Chairman of National Front and senior Hurriyat (G) leader, Nayeem Khan said despite being signatory to UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 'India is using all means to suppress aspirations of Kashmiris.' 'Kashmiris are arrested, maimed and killed with impunity. While we are commemorating International Human Rights day, senior resistance leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani continues to be under house arrest. This is blot on so-called democracy of India. By hindering resolution of Kashmir, India is hampering peace in South Asia,' Khan said. Among others who spoke on the occasion included Ghulam Nabi Sumji of Hurriyat (G), Muhammad Abdullah Tari of Democratic Freedom Party, Zamrooda Habib of Muslim Khawteen Markaz and columnist ZG Muhammad.