When Dogs And Cows Marched For Human Rights In Kashmir

10 December 2015

Srinagar: Imagine cows and dogs coming out on to the streets for the protection of human rights in Kashmir. Thanks to Awami Ithaad Party (AIP) led by independent MLA from Langate Sheikh Abdul Rashid aka Engineer Rashid, cows, dogs, horses and even goats made their debut in the unique protest parade in Srinagar. Braving bone-chilling cold, protesters waving black flags started from Sher-e-Kashmir Park and marched through fashionable Residency Road before they were stopped by the police. Led by Rashid, who was smeared with black ink in Delhi for allegedly hosting a beef party in Srinagar in October, the agitators were trying hard to herd the 'protesting' animals. 'I am Sangh Parivar's cow I am secure than Kashmiris,' read a placard slung by the neck of a cow. 'I am Rashtrapati Bhawan's horse, I am secure than Kashmiris,' read the placard slinging down the neck of a horse. Police had a tough time to control the march and tame the animals mostly the horses. Police successfully herded several animals but it was the horse that was unwilling to go with the khaki-clad cops. Later several policemen joined hands and bundled the horse into the police station Kothi Bagh. 'Through this innovative protest, we want to convoy to world community about our sufferings. They should ask the government of India why was it depriving Kashmiris of their fundamental rights and why are the perpetrators of human rights abuses roaming free and being awarded with promotions, perks and privileges?' asked Rashid AIP president noted that while India is celebrating Afzal Guru's hanging, the killers of Gowhar Nazir, Khalid Muzaffar Wani, Zahid Bhat and dozens others are not being taken to task as required by the law. 'Government of India is misleading world community over custodial killings, forced disappearances, illegal detentions, juvenile detentions, tortures and other numerous human rights abuses', he said. Batting for the right to self determination, Rashid, a two time MLA, appealed the world community to impress upon New Delhi to allow Kashmiris to exercise their rights. 'The protest should act as an eye opener for those who often get misled by soft spoken sermons being given by Indian leaders from time on non violence', he said.