J&K Crime Records Reveal Increasing Trend Among Juveniles

15 December 2015
Kashmir Observer
Nusrat Sidiq

Srinagar: The figures available with the Crime Headquarter Srinagar suggest that the crime rate in J&K state is on a sharp rise with the number of crimes committed under Ranbir Penal Code (RPC) at 49177 for the year 2013 and 2014 in the state. According to the statistics department of the state, about 52 percent of criminals are in the age group of 17-22 years. The break up and the highest percentages of cases with teenagers as criminals are cases with arson, dacoity, rioting, road accidental cases, robbery, burglary and motor theft cases, eve teasing, suicides and stabbing cases. As per the data with crime headquarters , 150 and 154 murder cases have been registered for the year 2013 and 2014. The number of culpable homicide cases is 28 and 21 with a decrease of 7 percent for the same year. Hurt- Stabbing cases are 324 and 339 with an increase of 15 percent. Abetment of suicide cases are 357 and 304. Rape cases are 378 and 352. Kid- Abduction cases are 983 and 857. Molestation cases are 1389 and 1411 with an increase of 22 percent. Eve teasing cases are 354 and 307. Assault on Public servant cases is 582 and 534. Dowry death cases are 7 and 5. Cruelty by Husband cases are 428 and 469 with an increase of 41 percent. Arson cases are 221 and 159. Dacoity cases are 6 and 6. Robbery cases are 87 and 89 with 2 percent increase. Burglary cases are 1387 and 1358. Wire theft cases are 26 and 18. Cattle theft cases are 74 and 85 with an increase of 11 percent. Cycle theft cases are 1 and 1. Motor vehicles theft cases are 585 and 717 with an increase of 132 percent. Timber theft cases are 488 and 346. Other theft cases are 685 and 600. Forged currency cases are 26 and 13. Cheating cases are 590 and 511. Rioting cases are 1714 and 1524. Road accident cases are 6457 and 5867. Misc. crime cases 7387 and 7167. According to the president of an NGO 'Sheikhulalam Welfare Society', Bilal sofi said, ' Our NGO also keeps a track on the crime which is pertinent in our society. Unfortunately youth particularly teenagers are found suspects in many cases ranging from theft to eve teasing since the last seven or eight years. Changing trends and psychological pressure has led this waywardness in our youth. We are about to start a campaign in many parts of Kashmir wherein education and awareness regarding various crimes will be given.' 'There must be a surveillance system wherein these young boys who do a certain crime can be put under scanner', he added. Zareef Ahmed Zareef, a well known poet and social worker said, 'We have become nascent as a society. Our culture and traditions are already lost. Our youth have become prone to bad things. It has become a fashion like teasing, bike stunting, rioting among the youths. The most threatening situation is that they don't fear while committing a crime. They take it so casually. Parents and society at large have to make an effort, so that our youth doesn't lead to the wrong way which will be very unfortunate.' Dr. Ali Mohammad Ahanger, a psychologist said, 'the stress level and the ongoing situation in the state are primarily responsible for youth to get involved in crime. Secondly, a system should be placed like at institutional level or school level wherein counselling and awareness be given regarding with various crimes which are committed.' IGP Kashmir Syed Mujtaba Gilani said, 'the crimes committed by youth are due lack of education. The trendy things which are in place in our society are also responsible for the crime. The eve teasing, suicidal deaths, accidental deaths and in other cases, youth are mostly found to be involved. The reason is also we have no education about crime case studies in our institutions. Parents and family also have responsibility to educate their dear ones, so that our youth which is our future can be saved.' The increasing incidence and prevalence of crime in our society is alarming but more alarming is the fact that there's no real societal or institutional response other then dealing with it. Crime is a vortex of evil that sucks in people, often times, at a young age besides exacting a price on the victims of crime. The need of the hour is to integrate institutional and societal mechanisms to prevent the drift of young people towards crime and criminal and also help and aid in the rehabilitation of people involved in 'soft crimes'.