March 2016 News

Rajendra Contacts Rajasthan, West Bengal Police Chiefs Over Safety Concerns Of Kashmiri Students

16 March 2016
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Taking instant cognizance of the reports of alleged harassment of some Kashmiri students studying outside the State, Director General of Police (DGP),K Rajendra Kumar has contacted his counterparts of Rajasthan and West Bengal and enquired about the incidents of alleged harassment of students from Jammu and Kashmir. Rajendra urged them to ensure safety of the students from J&K studying in these states. He was assured that the police would take all possible measures to ensure that students from J&K are not subjected to harassment. They told the DGP that the incidents reported have been properly investigated and the students were found to have no major problem in these institutions. The DGP has appealed the people, particularly the student community not to pay any heed to the rumours being circulated on the social media and remain vigilant of the rumour mongers who might have some sinister designs. He urged people especially the youth to desist from posting such mischievous and unverified content on the social media, as the same has the potential of creating unnecessary tension among the parents about the well being of their children studying outside State. DGP said spreading such rumours is highly objectionable and warrants action under law. He urged the people to verify such content from police help-line numbers in Srinagar on telephone numbers 0194-2506504 -0194-2506508- & Mobile No: 9858000333 and in Jammu on telephone numbers 0191-2542000-0191-2542001, 0191-2560401 & Mobile No: 9419255283.