April 2016 News

Why Kashmir Celebrates India's Loss

1 April 2016
Rising Kashmir
Javeed Nabi

Srinagar: The cordial, outmaneuver and over praised win of West Indies in the ongoing T20 World Cup on Thursday evening at Wankhede Cricket Stadium Mumbai against the hosts India brought tons of laurels and jubilation on the agony and melancholic faces of Kashmiri people. The loss of India is a panaceas for Kashmiri's, people start dancing and burst firecrackers on streets in several parts of Kashmir like Anantnag, Awantipora, Pulwama, Tral, Bandipora, Sopore and Palhallan. Undoubtedly, joy of Kashmiris is unlimited whenever we witness defeat of India in one way or other. I felt so dwell and jubilant when Andrew Russell hit a last winning six on Virat Kholi's ball in the final over of the match. It was not only me, but on the other hand when the Indian nation was in lamentable mood, Mushfiqu Rahim former captain and wicket keeper of Bangladesh was celebrating India's loss as well. He Tweeted, '*Happiness is this .......!!!! ha ha ha .....!!!! India lost in the semifinal.' The match between India and West Indies was yet to end, but people of Kashmir start bursting firecrackers, youngsters were dancing and chant pro-West Indies and anti-Indian slogans. Social networking websites including Facebook, twitter and WhatsApp were flooded with the cathartic and ambitious messages and comments on India's loss. One of a Facebook user wrote, 'On west indies win, firecrackers burst in Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tabago, Leewand Islands and Kashmir' & 'West of India is Pakistan'. Another nitizen wrote, 'Dil Dil West Indies, Jaan Jaan West indies.' It was a much awaited and fructified joy and dwell which the West Indies cricketers brought in the hearts and on faces of Kashmiris on Thursday evening. No doubt it was not triumph of Pakistan against India, but a surprise win of West Indies which gave relief to the poor and hapless Kashmiris who faces lot of humiliation by the state and its military power across Kashmir. The same might always harassed the students studying outside Kashmir and were expelled several times across Indian universities when they cheered for Pakistan or any other team who gave a sounding defeat to Indians. Moreover, the jubilant scenes were not seen for the first time in Kashmir, but the same kind of joy, abhor and enthusiasm was also seen in 1983 and 1986 when West Indies and Australian teams visited Kashmir for a one day match, in which Indians were defeated. Kashmir went berserk in jubilation. Indeed, in every international cricket format Kashmiris always support the opposite team be it Zimbabwe, Australia, South Africa or Ireland when they are playing against India. Because something is going wrong and mishandled since decades by Indian state in Kashmir that gave birth to antagonism, hatred and alienation towards the might in Kashmir. Yes, the triumph of West Indies will remain in the hearts of Kashmiris for a long time. It also gave us a chance to express our full anger and jubilation. Indeed, it was zealousness over India's defeat and a clear cut message in loud words that Kashmir is needs to be politically solved. India has to acknowledge the harsh reality of Kashmir.