April 2016 News

Omar Questions What Mehbooba Got From Centre

5 April 2016

Kalakote: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today said the people of state have a right to know what PDP got from the Centre that prompted it to form government in alliance with BJP after three months bargaining and theatrical posturing. 'Mehbooba Mufti needs to come clean on her meeting with the Prime Minister and what transpired between the two over the so-called confidence building measures that PDP alleged to have sought from the Central Government but a request the BJP denies having received at all', Omar said while addressing workers rally here in Rajouri district today. Omar posed several direct questions to the new Chief Minister, saying she will have to explain to the people what PDP got from the Centre or the Prime Minister after three-month dilly dallying in forming the government. 'She needs to respond to the statement of BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav also who is on record having stated that Mehbooba Mufti didn't ask for anything from the Prime Minister except his blessings,' he added. He claimed that Mehbooba Mufti was asked either to form the government or else leave the turf, as BJP was determined to form the government with 20 PDP MLAs who were ready to choose another leader for the PDP legislature party. 'This caused panic in the Mufti camp, who fearing dismemberment of PDP chose to form the government out of fear and based on a deep sense of insecurity,' he said. 'Those working under duress or fear cannot serve the people, nor can they protect their political interests... A Chief Minister perpetually suspicious of her colleagues and apprehensive about a coup within the party cannot do justice with the institution of the Chief Minister's Office,' Omar said. The former chief minister described the ten-month rule of the PDP-BJP alliance as a complete and total failure on all fronts, saying this was even publicly admitted by Mehbooba Mufti when she expressed dismay over the implementation of the 'Agenda of the Alliance'. He appreciated the 'honest admission' of Mehbooba and said had the first spell of the present coalition succeeded in achieving a single noteworthy milestone on governance or developmental fronts, he would have been the first one to congratulate them. 'The previous PDP-BJP Government failed to take up a single new project for implementation and even those projects that were initiated during National Conference-Congress led government were put to back burner,' the NC leader said. He particularly made a reference to Kishtwar power project, which had been conceived with the larger aim of steering Jammu and Kashmir to self-reliance in power sector and said due to lack of vision of the PDP-BJP coalition the executing agency was forced to pack up and leave. Elaborating on the 'failures' of PDP-BJP Government during its ten-month tenure, he said from villages to towns and towns to cities and the state as a whole didn't witness any sort of development. He said the people were subjected to misgovernance and their miseries continued to get accumulated without anyone paying heed. On the contrary, Omar said the three months of Governor's Rule witnessed wheels of the Government moving. 'Not only the held-up decisions were taken and implemented, the Governor took effective measures in disbursing flood relief, dismissing absentee doctors, regularising daily wagers and streamlining various services, among other things,' Omar said. The former Chief Minister also assailed the implementation of National Food Security Act (NFSA), saying this Act is not in the interests of the poor people of the State. He said the decision has boomeranged as people have taken to streets. He said his government had decided against implementation as it knew its fall-out and the fact that it would lead to the deprivation of much needed food grains to a large segment of our population. The Working President of National Conference cautioned the people against divisive policies of the present dispensation and said his party will not allow these machinations to succeed. 'To save the people from these divisive forces, strengthening of National Conference is imperative', he said and exhorted the cadre to further intensify mass contact drives across the State in order to reach out the people in every nook and corner. He said a strong National Conference is the only answer to all threats and challenges faced by the State.