April 2016 News

Non-Kashmiri NIT Students Claim They Were Beaten Up By J&K Police

6 April 2016
India Today
Naseer Ganai

Srinagar: Situation at the National Institute of Technology is posing a serious challenge for the new PDP-BJP government as non-local students studying there are alleging that they were beaten up by Jammu and Kashmir Police. However, police and administration are denying the charges and are alleging that some elements among non-local students want that the NIT should be shifted from Kashmir. The third year students on Tuesday met Director Rajat Gupta and sought HRD Ministry's intervention and security in the campus. Police sources said after the meeting, around 300 non-local students wanted to leave the campus but were stopped. This led to a confrontation between the students and the policemen. The police had to finally resort to lathi charge to bring the condition under control. Non-local students have posted pictures on their Facebook page called Save the students of NIT Srinagar showing pictures of students being beaten by police. They have sought protection. The page has posted picture of one of injured student. A senior government official said the situation had returned to normalcy in the NIT for past two days. 'We think there is design behind the new agitation of nonlocal students and some elements are keen to see the NIT shifted from Kashmir,' the official said. A faculty member said the trouble was being created by the third year students of the NIT. 'They have a feeling that the faculty is biased against them and they are giving nationalistic angle to this grudge,' he said. The trouble started in the institute on last Thursday over India's defeat in the T20 World Cup semi-final against West Indies. Heated arguments took place between non-Kashmiri students and Kashmiri students in the dining hall of the institute after the defeat of Indian team in the match as Kashmiri students celebrated India's defeat to avenge alleged taunts and harassment by non-local students when India was on winning spree. The local students alleged that on Thursday night they were abused and beaten up for celebrating India's defeat on the hostel premises. There are around 150 Kashmiri students in NIT Srinagar while non-Kashmiris from different states are around 1,800. On Friday, non-local students staged a sit-in outside the director's office shouting pro-India slogans and demanded action against Kashmiri students.