April 2016 News

'Jammu For India' Sounds Bugle Against Anti-nationals, BJP Led NDA

22 April 2016
State Times

Jammu: To ignite the minds of people of Jammu region a Jammu-based group of intellectuals under the banner of Jammu For India (JFI) was launched on Friday which invited all the nationalists, cutting across party lines, to join this platform to ensure a decisive defeat of forces who want to destroy the sovereignty of India in Jammu and Kashmir and seal the fate of the nationalist Jammu province. Former BJP Chief Spokesperson and renowned historian Prof Hari Om has been appointed as Convener of the group while Dheeraj Pargal has been nominated as Organizing Secretary. The founder Members of the group included Dr. Ajay Chrungoo, Dr. Agnishekhar, Sushil Pandit, Pushvinder Singh Manhas, Adv, Shyam Lal Basson, Devinder Choudhary, Rajesh Dutta, Veteran Swayamsevak Yuvraj Gupta, AjatShatru Singh , Advocate Ravinder Sharma. Jammu for India (JFI) has been launched to achieve the objective of forcing the BJP led-NDA government at the Centre to withdraw the March 2015 PDP-BJP Agenda of Alliance as it has unleashed only forces of instability and subversion and put at stake the very survival of the minorities in the state. Addressing a joint press conference here on Friday, Prof Hari Om said, the present dispensation in Jammu and Kashmir doesn't belong to us. It has been formed by hijacking the mandate which people of Jammu gave for upholding the national cause and empowering fully people of Jammu province, including refugees from Kashmir, POJK, and Pakistan, politically, socially and economically. Referring to Agenda of Alliance Prof Hari Om said, 'It is a document designed to drive the state out of India and enslave the nationalist people of Jammu and Ladakh as well as the internally-displaced seven lakh Hindus of Kashmir'. Prof Hari Om said, at the very outset we call upon all nationalists in Jammu province, including all victims of Islamist terrorism like refugees from POJK, Pakistan and Kashmir Valley, to get prepared for a full-scale revolt against any measure that wrecks the nation of India in Jammu and Kashmir'.'Painting a grim scenario on the basis of his past experience Prof Hari Om warned all nationalists and patriots in Jammu and all over the country that a process to dismantle Indian Unity and integrity brick by brick is unfolding in front of their eyes at a very rapid pace. We cannot rmeain mute spectators now.We have to unite and rise against these forces to save Jammu in order to save India. Prof Hari Om said the present dispensation ruling the state is practically one of the Hurriyat Conference, as acknowledged by none other than present Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti. 'It took us two months to decide the agenda of alliance. Hurriyat party was also called and getting consent on most of the issues the government is working,' the present Chief Minister had said on Dec 12, 2015 at Agenda Aaj Tak. The series of grave events which have taken place in Kashmir very recently, like the assault on the 2000 nationalist non-local students of NIT, Srinagar, and their running away from Kashmir to protect their life and honor; removal of bunkers from various strategic locations in terrorist-infested Kashmir to the jubilation of seditious crowds; slapping murder charges on the Army personnel engaged in anti- insurgency operations; vacation of the strategic Army camps from Tattoo Grounds, Srinagar, High Grounds of Anantnag, and many other places; describing the ouster of non-local students from Srinagar as a 'non-issue' and a 'minor administrative matter'; and calling the death of subversives killed in firing while attacking security pickets, bunkers and camps as 'inconsolable loss', all demonstrate that New Delhi, in complete unison with the separatist establishment in Jammu and Kashmir is dismantling everything that is sacrosanct for the nation in the State.Prof Hari Om said, 'We apprehend that Government of India has already come to some understanding with separatists in the state and Pakistan to compromise the Indian position in Jammu and Kashmir and barter away the minorities in the state'. He said the people of India are being kept in dark about these subversive designs. The legislative mandate is merely being hostaged and used as legitimizing the compromises already made and still to be made in the near future to facilitate some obscure 'bigger purpose' as hinted at both by late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and Mehbooba Mufti.'We cannot remain mute spectators to the conspiracies being hatched against the nation in the state. We cannot consign ourselves to the fate as suffered by Hindus of Lahore who trusted the Congress party only to get liquidated or converted'.We represent the nation of India and we have not given any written attorney to any party to decide the fate of Jammu on whose fate depends the very survival of the nation. Jammu and Kashmir is not a no-man's land, which has many stakeholders as the PDP-BJP agenda of alliance says. Indian nation is the only stakeholder in Jammu and Kashmir. We cannot endorse the atrocious stake-holder concept as far as the political status of Jammu and Kashmir vis-à-vis Indian nation is concerned, he concluded.