April 2016 News

Delhi Looting Kashmir Resources: Jamaat

23 April 2016
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Jamaat-I Islami on Saturday alleged the government of India is 'plundering' the natural resources of Jammu and Kashmir which are in abundance here in different forms while as the people here suffer for want of a number of basic necessities of life, food, clothing, power being the main items. In a statement here the Jamaat spokesman Advocate Zahid Ali said, 'This state needs about 2600 MW of power, out of which the local power corporation generates only 750 MW and the rest of the demand is fulfilled from buying it from the NHPC which itself is generating about 2009 MW of electricity from the water resources of J&K as reported by the reliable sources. The deliberate planning of the government of India to keep the people here starved of all the basic necessities of the life can be easily drawn from the data of the power-generation here. This state is rich in water resources which can be utilized for not only generation of hydro-electric power but for production of all kinds of food and other agricultural resources including the material used for manufacture of the clothes provided the water is channelized in a systematic order.' ' Most departments in Jammu and Kashmir are controlled and manned by the bureaucrats with a negative attitude towards the local people and they create hurdles in the developmental plans benefiting the local population. The sub-ordinate second rung local bureaucrats are too addicted to corruption to think about the welfare of the general masses here. These corrupt officers are involved in scandals and bungling so deeply that no good for the common people can be expected from them. Though there are some good souls in every field of life but they are too weak in their influence to have an effective say in their related policy matters. A considerable number of businessmen are also involved in deceptive trade practices for their vicious self interests and are hand in glove with the outside manufacturers and business tycoons and thereby providing sub-standard food items and other material on exorbitant rates to the local people without any checks and measures and the local administration instead of stopping these malpractices, are encouraging such elements in lieu of illegal gratifications,' he added.