May 2016 News

Ex-MoS Tears Into BJP, Dares It To Open Debate

7 May 2016
The Tribune (Chandigarh)

Jammu: Former Minister of State (MoS) Pawan Gupta has accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of having sold its ethical identity to merge with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and remain in power. Charging the saffron party with compromising on every issue from beef to NEET, Gupta said BJP ministers had conceded on all Kashmir-centric issues, creating a political vacuum in Jammu. 'Parties like the National Conference and Congress give a befitting opposition to the government in Kashmir, but the political vacuum in Jammu is a major cause for its suffering,' he said. The former MoS said he would take up people-oriented issues in the upcoming Assembly session and oppose all decisions against the interests of people of Jammu region. He said such an announcement through a public platform was necessary to send a message across to the BJP to gear up to hide its misdemeanours which had let down the region. 'I was with the party and in the government. Over a period of time, I watched and recorded all its misdeeds of selling the interests of Jammu in favour of Kashmir-centric needs,' said Gupta. To fulfil the agenda of the PDP, the BJP had been facilitating its partner's bigger plan of cutting the state off from the rest of the country step by step, he alleged. Gupta said the BJP's central leadership was the main game changer. He charged it with facilitating Pakistan's Kashmir agenda in connivance with the PDP, with the state BJP as a major supporter. 'Sharing borders, sovereignty and currencies are major parts of the plan in which the Centre is allowing the state BJP to facilitate the PDP,' he said. 'The beef controversy, followed by a demand for demilitarisation and removal of bunkers, is a part of the conspiracy,' he added. 'Being party to this, the BJP is allowing the state to gradually slip away from the hands of the Union of India,' claimed Gupta. The former MoS charged the state BJP with supporting the Hurriyat's role in the coalition, saying it had always opposed mediation of the Hurriyat and Pakistan, but had yielded now. On banking facility for cross-LoC trade, Gupta termed it as open facilitation for exchange of counterfeit currency on the border to legalise 'hawala' money. 'Earlier it was barter, which was thrown open to encourage easy shipping of 'hawala' transactions. There will be no check on counterfeit currency exchange,' he alleged. Gupta charged the BJP, including Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh, with maintaining a safe political zone while keeping him out, saying their comfort level mismatched his. 'I dare the Deputy Chief Minister and all BJP ministers to an open debate on all administrative issues which the party deliberately mismanaged to appease the PDP,' he asserted. Gupta gave a long list of 'administrative failures' of the party like NIT mismanagement, NEET controversy, power irregularities and discrimination, excise and toll revenue and illegal use.