May 2016 News

Malik Warns Businessmen Of Social Boycott For Partnering With Outsiders

13 May 2016
Kashmir Reader
Nazir Gillo

Srinagar: The pro-freedom groups in Kashmir have sharply reacted to Government's proposals to lease out land in Jammu and Kashmir to outsiders through their local contacts for industrial development. The JKLF chief Yasin Malik on Friday asked the local industrialists not to fall in the 'Indian government's trap'. He warned the local investors of social boycott of they tied-up with non-state subjects for any new industrial venture. At a press conference here, Malik likened the proposed industrial policy with that of British East India Company that occupied the Indian sub-continent through the implementation of these 'deceptive policies.' 'The local businessmen must stay away from the ploy otherwise a call for social boycott will be issued against those who will tie-up with non-state subjects for starting any business with them,' Malik said. Malik blamed the government spokesperson and education minister Naeem Akhtar for whaat he called confusing people through a series of lies on the issue of Sainik colonies, townships for Pandits and the proposed new industrial policy. 'The PDP-BJP coalition has made Naeem Akhtar a tool to tell lies and concocted stories to Kashmiri people', Malik said. He said Akhtar is behaving like a proverbial Kasmih batta (a Pandit assigned to swear on his master's behalf). 'Every time this Kasmih batta emerges to say that no land has been allotted for the colonies and every time deputy home minister of India contests his claims by saying that process of identifying land for the Composite Townships for the Kashmiri pundits was on,' Malik said. Malik said that Kashmiri Pandits can live in Kashmir within Muslim localities without any fear as around 10000 Pandits are living safely with their Muslim neighbours here. But, he said, creating walls of hatred and making colonies on Israeli pattern will be vehemently opposed,' he said. Launching a salvo on Mehbooba Mufti led coalition Malik said the killings and atrocities in Valley have increased manifold since Mehbooba Mufti took over as the chief minister of the state. He said that the proposals to establish separate colonies for soldiers or Pandits would be resisted. 'We will fight tooth and nail against the establishment of proposed Sainik and Pandit colonies,' he said. Malik said that around one lakh policemen live in police colonies and when they attain superannuation they shift to their own homes. 'When policemen go to their native places after their retirement, what is the justification for the ex-soldiers to be assembled at special colonies,', he said. Malik said that after consultations with Hurriyat (G), Hurriyat (M), civil society groups, Bar Association and students, they will launch a united programme against the government policies. 'JKLF formed a five-member group that will hold consultations with other pro-freedom leadership, civil society, lawyers and students. We will come up with a joint programme to oppose these designs and plans of India,' he said. Malik also condemned the hanging of Jammat-e-Islami leader in Bangladesh, and termed the decision as politically motivated.