May 2016 News

8 More In South Kashmir Join Militancy?

19 May 2016
Kashmir Monitor
Sameer Showkin Lone

Pulwama: After the killing of top two militants, Waseem Malla and Naseer Pandit last month, eight local youth from twin districts of Pulwama and Shopian may have joined the militant ranks in a span of one month. If sources are to be believed, four of absconding youth have joined the Hizbul Mujahideen, while the other four have joined Lashkar-e-Toiba militant outfit. However, police says they aren't sure if all the youth have joined the militant ranks. 'We have confirmed about the two missing youth who have joined militancy. Yes, there are reports and rumours about some eight youth missing from Pulwama police district, but it is not yet confirmed if all of them have joined militancy,' said SP Pulwama, Rayees Muhammad Bhat. 'It will be premature to comment about the other missing youth whether or not have they become militants. It can be both ways, so let's wait till the things become clear,' he said. One youth from Pulwama's Drabgam area who had also gone missing for several days, has returned home few days ago, sources said. 'One youth from Shopian's Sheermal area has also joined militancy last week and has most possibly joined the Lashkar-e-Toiba militant outfit. With this latest entrant, the total number of militants in Sheermal and its three adjoining villages has totalled to four,' sources claimed. In the past, most of the youth became militants because of the frequent harassments or other related episodes, this time, the story is quite different. 'We have hardly heard that this youth from our village who joined militancy was never harassed by the forces,' said a local. Asked how these youth behave among the locals few days before they formally join militancy, a group of people said, 'They don't give any such impression to anyone not even their parents about having any plans to flee from home and become militants.' 'But you will see them more inclined towards prayers and other religious activities. It is just motivation that makes these youth to realize that militancy is the only way for them to come out of the brutality they think they are facing,' said another local. About the new recruitments which have taken place almost after a huge gap, a senior police officer said actually they (militant leadership) do not want too many militants on ground as contrary to what the case was in 1990's. 'They want the number of militants to remain under some limit which they can control easily. If 100 youth are ready to become militants, their leaders won't take all the 100 at a time. They will keep them in waiting and will take them when the need arises. They (militant leaders) don't want that things go out of their hand. It is the reason why we see militant recruitment like this,' said a top police officer in south Kashmir. Asked why the militant leadership discourages huge recruitment if they have the boys ready, the top police officer said there is a reason. 'Do you think by having 5000 active militants, you will throw India out of Kashmir or you will create a problem for security forces? No, the logic is simple...they want to keep the pot boiling,' he said.