May 2016 News

Duo Approached Me To Let Room For Studying : Landlady

24 May 2016
Kashmir Observer

Srinagar: Raja Begum, the landlady in whose house the shootout took place on Monday night leading to the killing to two youth described by police as 'militants', told reporters on Tuesday that they had approached her only two days back with a request to give them a room on rent. 'They were speaking both in Kashmiri and Urdu and on their request we rented them one of the rooms,' Raja Begum said. 'They claimed they hailed from South Kashmir's Anantnag district and even said that they need the room for studying purposes.' 'I was shocked on Monday when during late hours Forces personnel barged into my house and inquired about these two youth,' she said. 'My son Burhan accompanied the Forces personnel to the upper storey and they (Forces) dragged them out from the house.' 'Suddenly I heard gunshots and found one of the youth lying dead on the road,' Raja Begum said. 'After few minutes I heard more gun shots and later I came to know Forces have killed both the youth.' She said she didn't know who they were but was shocked after the news that Forces had killed two militants in Saraibala area. Raja Begum said that her son Burhan Hakim was picked up by the Forces and she doesn't know about his whereabouts. 'I don't know who these youth were. They just stayed in my house for a day. I am still in shock and want my son should be released,' Raja Begum said