June 2016 News

Aren't Constructing Any Colony: Army

6 June 2016
Kashmir Observer

Srinagar: Army today strongly denied reports of construction work being carried out at Old Airfield in Srinagar for Sainik Colony. 'A news report carried by a section of local press about the land sought by Army for the construction of Sainik Colony at Old Air Field was already witnessing huge construction work from last two years and so far at least 47 buildings have almost been constructed, is factually incorrect,' defence spokesperson said in a press statement. The land, on which construction activity is in progress, is Defence Land which is inside the existing Old Air Field Military Station, the spokesperson said, adding that presently construction of Married Accommodation Project is under progress inside the Old Air Field Military Station. 'The new construction is purely meant for the serving Army personnel and being constructed under supervision of Station Headquarters to meet the accommodation requirements of the Army units located in this area,' the spokesperson said. This construction activity has absolutely nothing to do with the Sainik Colonies which is a State subject and Army has no role in it, the spokesperson added.