June 2016 News

500 Non-state Subjected Industrial Units In Jammu & Kashmir

21 June 2016
Only Kashmir

Srinagar: Industrialists from outside Jammu and Kashmir had already set up over 500 units in the state before the provision for leasing out land to non-state subjects for industrial purposes led to the stalling of the New Industrial Policy. Pertinently, the Government Tuesday ordered modification of Industrial Policy-2016 under which now only State Subjects are allowed to develop private industrial estates, industrial parks in JK. 545 industrial units have so far been established in the state by outsiders, government data say. Most of these units (498) are in Jammu division, and 47 inKashmir division. As many as 32,387 industrial units have been established across the state, out of which 12,380 are in Jammu, while 20,007 in Kashmir. The state subjects have established 11,882 industrial units in Jammu and 19,960 in Kashmir Division. 'In partial modification of Government Order No. 58-IND of 2016 dated 15.03.2016, para 2.11.2 of Industrial Policy-2016 shall be deemed to have been deleted ab-initio and shall be read as; Private promoters only from the State (including local industrial associations) shall be allowed and encouraged to develop private industrial estates-parks on commercial lines on activity-specific cluster basis over an area of at least 5 acres. In case of IT Parks, the minimum requirement will be 2 acres for housing IT units in flatted accommodation,' said an order issued by the Commissioner-Secretary Industries and Commerce Department this evening. It further said while the Government will go all out to attract investment in Industrial Estates or elsewhere in the state by providing an enabling environment and incentives, it will be ensured that these are governed by and are in compliance of J&K's existing administrative practice, regulatory norms and the Constitution of J&K.