June 2016 News

Govt Rules Out Liquor Ban

24 June 2016
Rising Kashmir

Srinagar: The government Friday ruled out imposition of ban on sale and trade of liquor in Jammu and Kashmir saying it is not possible in the tourist place. Minister for Finance, Haseeb Drabu told Legislative Council during Zero Hour that there was a demand for banning liquor. 'The issue needs to be redressed on the basis of freedom of choice,' he said. The FM said government cannot enforce its decisions on others as there is a freedom of choice. 'Let people decide what they want to do,' he said adding 'Let us live in a free society where the choice of one is not enforced on the others'. Drabu said if a person wants to be vegetarian, at the same time he cannot ban non-vegetarian food. He said Jammu and Kashmir is a tourist state, where ban on liquor was not possible. 'I believe that self-restraint is important in this regard and let individuals decide for themselves rather than government banning it,' the minister said. He said the issue of influx of spurious liquor is a cause of concern and the government will initiate measures to curb it.