June 2016 News

Pampore Terror Replay In 2 Days?

28 June 2016
Azaan Javaid

New Delhi: Intelligence agencies and security forces in Kashmir valley are currently fighting a battle against time after emergence of a conversation between two Lashkar-e-Taiba militants, finalising details of an 'imminent' Pampore style attack that is to take place in the next two days. The speakers in the conversation, analysed by state and national level intelligence, allude to Pampore attack as a 'job well done' and go on to detail how another spectacular attack must take place soon while taking care of the civilian population. The conversation is suspected to have originated from Lashkar's 'control station' in South Kashmir's Shopian town and is quite an important one owing to fact that security agencies will already be on their toes during the annual Amarnath Yatra, which starts on July 7. Senior intelligence officials told dna that agents on ground are trying their level best to avert the attack and at the same time being cautious enough not to be misled in case the conversation between the LeT militants is a ploy to divert attention from their real target. According to official sources, the attack is likely to be perpetrated in Srinagar city or anywhere between Pantha Chowk and Sangam in South Kashmir. The intercept, accessed exclusively by dna, is apparently between a senior Lashkar commander and his contact (referred to as Yaseer) where in the latter was asked to take care of two other LeT fighters and dispatch the duo to carry out the next attack in a day or two. The commander, in all probability being Abu Dujana, is telling his contact to make food arrangements for the two militants and instructs him that collateral damage to civilian population must not take place. The Laskhar commander is allegedly heard saying, 'The job which our brothers did yesterday was a good one. There are two others. Make food arrangements for them. We have to do this job in two days' time. We do whatever job given to us from the higher-ups and you should do the work given to you and do it well.' The Laskhar commander further tells his contact, who is suspected to be an underground worker (OGW), that the two LeT fighters should ensure that no harm comes to civilians. 'While working, take care of your surroundings (dahinay bahinay). Keep in touch and take care of of civilian public,' the commander is quoted in the documents accessed by dna. Earlier too, Burhan Wani Hizbul Mujahideen's 22-year-old chief in a video message released online had said his group would not target Hindu pilgrims going to Kashmir for the Amarnath Yatra. The security agencies, however, are not taking any chances. Earlier in the conversation, the commander seems to be complaining about the wireless sets as well as some militants who switch off their device thus disrupting contact between LeT fighters. Following the interception of the conversation, security in the areas has been further tightened. Agencies, which already suspect that Dujana might be behind the Pampore attack that claimed lives of eight CRPF personnel, now find themselves in a tough spot. In the past as well, Dujana's name has cropped up in multiple cases of attacks on security personnel, the most prominent being 2015 Udhampur attack, which claimed lives of two BSF personnel. Believed to be a resident of Gilgit-Baltistan in PoK, Dujana operates mostly in South Kashmir, but was appointed as the new Lashkar chief after Abu Qasim was killed in a police action in last December.