July 2016 News

Mehbooba Mufti Condemns Medina Bombing, Asks People Of Kashmir To Avoid Such Violence

5 July 2016

Srinagar: Terming as 'most outrageous' the suicide bombing outside the Prophet's mosque in Medina, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Tuesday asked the people of Jammu and Kashmir to prevent such acts at home and isolate perpetrators of 'senseless violence' so that another generation is not lost to death and destruction. She sought the 'unflinching support' of the people of the state for making peace a reality in Jammu and Kashmir, while assuring them that her government was trying to meet their expectations. 'It is heart-wrenching to see how the holy month of Ramazan was marked by the bloodbath in Iraq, Turkey and Kabul and slaughtering of innocent people in Bangladesh,' Mehbooba said addressing a public event in Srinagar. 'The perpetrators of violence have crossed the line by attacking the holiest of the places in Islam, which has been a source of peace and stability for centuries,' she said, while describing the suicide bombing outside the Prophet's mosque in Saudi city Medina as the 'most outrageous'. She said such 'atrocious' acts contradict all humanitarian and Islamic values. She called for united efforts to 'stamp out the menace of terror' and spread the message of Islam centred around peace and humanitarianism. Turning to Jammu and Kashmir which has seen bloodshed for several years, the Chief Minister urged the people of the state to prevent the resurgence of violence in the state by 'isolating' the prepetrators. 'Kashmir has already gone through death and destruction for over two decades and it cannot afford to lose another generation to senseless violence. 'We are trying to meet the expectations of the people and I need time and your unflinching support for making peace a reality and development a right in Jammu and Kashmir,' she said.