July 2016 News

Finally, Govt To Distribute Relief To PoJK Refugees

6 July 2016
The Tribune (Chandigarh)

Jammu: More than seven months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Rs 2,000 package for refugees in Jammu and Kashmir, the PDP-BJP coalition government has finally woken up and started process for its distribution. There was resentment brewing among representative organisations of the refugees who had alleged that the government was deliberately delaying the disbursement of relief to the deserving families. As per the plan, each of the refugee family displaced from Pakistan-occupied Jammu & Kashmir (PoJK) in 1947 and Chamb displaced, dislodged during the India-Pakistan wars, will get Rs. 5.50 lakh each as relief. It is important to note that Modi during his visit to the state on November 7, 2015, had announced a whopping package of Rs 80,000 crore. Out of this, Rs 2,000 was announced as 'one-time monetary compensation refugees.' There are 31,619 families from PoJK registered with the Rehabilitation Organisation. Out of these, 26,319 families opted to settle down in the state itself and 5,300 families settled outside the state.