July 2016 News

Rival Armies Celebrate Eid, Exchange Sweets On LoC

6 July 2016
Kashmir Life

Srinagar: Armies of India and Pakistan had a peaceful engagement on Wednesday when they greeted each other on Eid and exchanged sweets, a spokesman of the Srinagar based 15 corps said. Sweets exchange was reported at Tangdar and Uri, the two police in Kashmir which have windows for civilian travel. Spokesman N N Joshi said the auspicious festival of Eid ul Fitr was marked by bonhomie at the borders with Forces on both sides greeting each other and exchanging sweets. 'The Security Forces of India and Pakistan along the borders at Uri and Tangdhar today exchanged sweets and pleasantries on the festive occasion of Eid ul Fitr in a genial and cordial atmosphere,' Joshi said in a brief statement. 'Such gestures are deemed to foster peace and harmony and promote prosperity and happiness.' He said the Army also celebrated the festival with the Awaam with traditional gaiety and spirit of brotherhood in all parts of the Kashmir Valley. India and Pakistan have retained the tradition of congratulating each other and exchanging sweets on the each others festivals. But there were various instances when the acrimonious relationship led to refusal of sweets. Off late, however, the two sides are exhibiting the best restraint on the LoC and IB and the relations are visibly cordial.