July 2016 News

Kashmiri Separatists All Out In Support Of Zakir Naik

8 July 2016
India Today
Naseer Ganai

Srinagar: As separatist political parties condemned 'vilification campaign' against Islamic Research Foundation and Peace TV founder Zakir Naik, scores of people today came out in his support in the old city Srinagar carrying banners and placards praising Naik's role in spreading Islam. Separatist Hurriyat Conference has warned that any attempt to harm Zakir Naik will have a strong reaction in Jammu and Kashmir. ZAKIR NAIK HAS NO DIRECT, INDIRECT RELATION WITH TERRORIST INCIDENTS: SYED ALI GEELANI: 'Zakir Naik is a great intellectual and prominent Islamic scholar and decision of Indian government to probe his Islamic lectures is condemnable', Syed Ali Geelani, chairman of the Hurriyat Conference said. He said Zakir Naik and his TV channel, Peace TV, were preaching true message of Islam and he has no direct or indirect relation with the terrorist incidents taking place in Bangladesh or any other part of the world. 'The RSS and its allied parties are actually frustrated with popularity of the true Islamic message and they are looking for excuses to silence prominent and most accepted voice of Zakir Naik and the Peace TV,' Geelani said. Geelani said Sangh Parivar had started a 'direct war against the Islam and for this purpose they with the help of state power want to silence and eliminate any such voice which represents Islam and the Muslims.' INDIAN MEDIA GIVING HYPE TO BASELESS ALLEGATIONS: Geelani alleged Indian media is giving too much hype to baseless allegations against Naik. Geelani cautioned any attempt to harm the Peace TV or Zakir Naik will take a serious turn, which will be uncontrollable for the policy makers of New Delhi. Pro-independences, Jammu Kashmir liberation Front (JKLF) chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik, said 'turning a preacher's peaceful sermons and teachings as doubtful on the pretext that someone liked him or his speeches is ridiculous.' 'Vicious campaign against a peaceful Muslim scholar is actually vindicating our point of view that Muslims in India are no longer safe and secure', he added. Several religious organizations have also expressed solidarity with Naik.