July 2016 News

Face Kashmir Reality, PDP MP Tells Centre

26 July 2016
The Tribune (Chandigarh)

Srinagar: PDP MP Tariq Hameed Karra has questioned the 'denial mode' of the Centre and charged it with going in for rhetoric instead of understanding the genesis of the Kashmir issue. Karra had been raising his voice against the BJP's 'politics of polarisation and radicalisation' for the past more than two years. He said there had been no effort by the Centre to go into the depth of the issue. 'It is high time that the government stops its practice of looking at Kashmir as a territorial issue. It is about political aspirations,' he advised New Delhi in a telephonic conversation with The Tribune from New Delhi. 'This is not a rocket science to know where Kashmir stands. The state has its own flag and Constitution and we swear by the Constitution of the state and the Constitution of India,' he said. 'This reality cannot be blanketed by economic, developmental or administrative issues. The cold reality needs to be felt and addressed,' he added. He made it clear that the changing dynamics of Kashmir needed to be understood and addressed. He underscored the reasons behind the current unrest in the streets of Kashmir. In the given political scenario in Kashmir, Karra was being seen as a leader giving vent to the feelings of the people, at times rebelling against the stand of top leaders - earlier Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and now Mehbooba Mufti. He clarified that his viewpoint was not against individuals, but against the policies which had added to the chaos.