August 2016 News

Kashmiri Held For Sedition: Chhattisgarh Cops Probe Who Made 'anti-India' FB Post

5 August 2016
The Indian Express
Dipankar Ghose

Raipur: A DAY after a Kashmiri man was arrested by Chhattisgarh Police and charged with sedition for 'liking, sharing and forwarding anti-India posts' on social media, a top police officer on Friday said that among the 'three or four very provocative and incriminating posts' on the Facebook wall of the accused was also a reference to China considering Kashmir as a disputed territory. 'One (Facebook post) represents India as a mouse, while another shows China recognising Kashmir as disputed. Our main point of investigation is to find out who posted these items, and (since) it is a cyber based investigation, it will take some time,' Amresh Mishra, Superintendent of Police, Durg, said. Asked about the crime committed in this instance, Mishra said, 'Forwarding, sharing and liking these posts.' Tauseef Ahmad Bhat, a graduate of Rungta Engineering College in Bhilai who worked with a mobile phone company in the city, was arrested from Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, on Thursday. He was on way to Jammu. Bhat has been charged under Section 124 (A) of the Indian Penal Code and sent on 15-day judicial remand. While the police had told the media that the complaint was filed by Ratan Patel, the Durg district coordinator of Bajrang Dal, senior officers Friday clarified that Debashish Ghosh, the district coordinator of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, had filed the complaint, saying that Bhat's Facebook timeline is 'filled with posts asking for Kashmir's freedom'. The police said a group of about 50 people from both VHP and the Bajrang Dal had come to the Kotwali police station to register the FIR. According to Ghosh's complaint, Bhat's 'anti-national activities' seem part of a 'conspiracy'. 'When anybody creates an anti-India conspiracy, it is not just one person behind it, but an entire team,' the complaint said. It also asked for a case of sedition to be registered against Bhat for 'playing with people's emotions and demeaning the sacrifice of our soldiers'. Ghosh's complaint also takes objection to 'abhadra tippani (insulting comments)' against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 'There are insulting comments against Narendra Modiji where he is accused of being anti-Kashmir. He has said people chanting slogans of 'India Go Back' and raising the Pakistani flag are correct,' the complaint says. The FIR filed against Bhat states, 'An anti-national post, in which India is represented as a mouse swept away by a broom, has been brought to notice. (It) asks for freedom for Kashmiris and has the flags of Pakistan and China. It is shown that some people have black flags and black bands across their faces and are asking for Kashmir's freedom.'