August 2016 News

Amid Kashmir Unrest, Jammu Chamber Calls For Band Tomorrow 'to Support Nationalist Forces'

19 August 2016
Greater Kashmir

Jammu: The Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called for a bandh tomorrow to 'support peace and communal harmony and stand up against evil designs of the anti-nationals'. In a statement, the President Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rakesh Gupta appealed for a voluntary one day Bandh on Saturday. Gupta said: 'It is the time we need to stand up against the evil designs of the Anti Nationals and support the Nationalist forces so that normalcy could be restored in the State of Jammu & Kashmir at the earliest.' The Chamber, he said, has questioned how the religious places were being permitted to make announcements other than religious activity. ' and rather being used to make announcements to wage war against the Indian State.' The Chamber has also questioned the government for no action against their employees for their unauthorized absence from duties. 'The Chamber is seriously concerned that how can the employess be paid salaries without work in a state where the salary bill is more than 3000 crores per month and it's a common man's money that is being misused.' The chamber demanded that the darbar move be moved back to Jammu in view of unrest in Kashmir. 'The Chamber also demands that in wake of the present law and order situation the Darbar Move should be moved back to Jammu as it is 40 days that no work is being done and neither the public in general can reach the secretariat .' 'The Chamber expresses their solidarity with the nationalist forces and the law enforcing forces and thanks them for their sacrifices to protect the Indian state.'